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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-17mm: check VMA flags to avoid invalid PROT_NONE NUMA balancingLorenzo Stoakes
2021-04-07mm: fix race by making init_zero_pfn() early_initcallIlya Lipnitskiy
2021-03-03mm/memory.c: fix potential pte_unmap_unlock pte errorMiaohe Lin
2018-12-17mm: replace access_remote_vm() write parameter with gup_flagsLorenzo Stoakes
2018-12-17mm: replace __access_remote_vm() write parameter with gup_flagsLorenzo Stoakes
2018-12-17mm: replace get_user_pages() write/force parameters with gup_flagsLorenzo Stoakes
2018-09-09mm/tlb: Remove tlb_remove_table() non-concurrent conditionPeter Zijlstra
2018-09-05mm/memory.c: check return value of
2018-08-15x86/speculation/l1tf: Disallow non privileged high MMIO PROT_NONE mappingsAndi Kleen
2018-08-15mm: fix cache mode tracking in vm_insert_mixed()Dan Williams
2018-08-15mm: Add vm_insert_pfn_prot()Andy Lutomirski
2018-04-24mm: allow GFP_{FS,IO} for page_cache_read page cache allocationMichal Hocko
2018-02-22mm: hide a #warning for COMPILE_TESTArnd Bergmann
2017-08-11mm, mprotect: flush TLB if potentially racing with a parallel reclaim leaving...Mel Gorman
2017-06-26mm: larger stack guard gap, between vmasHugh Dickins
2016-05-04numa: fix /proc/<pid>/numa_maps for THPGerald Schaefer
2016-03-03mm: thp: fix SMP race condition between THP page fault and MADV_DONTNEEDAndrea Arcangeli
2015-11-18mm, dax: fix DAX deadlocks (COW fault)Yigal Korman
2015-10-16mm, dax: fix DAX deadlocksRoss Zwisler
2015-09-10mm: use vma_is_anonymous() in create_huge_pmd() and wp_huge_pmd()Kirill A. Shutemov
2015-09-08mm, dax: use i_mmap_unlock_write() in do_cow_fault()Kirill A. Shutemov
2015-09-08mm: take i_mmap_lock in unmap_mapping_range() for DAXKirill A. Shutemov
2015-09-08dax: fix race between simultaneous faultsMatthew Wilcox
2015-09-08mm: add a pmd_fault handlerMatthew Wilcox
2015-09-08mm: introduce vma_is_anonymous(vma) helperOleg Nesterov
2015-09-04mm/memory.c: make tlb_next_batch() return boolNicholas Krause
2015-09-04userfaultfd: call handle_userfault() for userfaultfd_missing() faultsAndrea Arcangeli
2015-07-09mm: avoid setting up anonymous pages into file mappingKirill A. Shutemov
2015-07-04Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2015-06-24mm, memcg: Try charging a page before setting page up to dateMel Gorman
2015-06-23vfs: add file_path() helperMiklos Szeredi
2015-05-19sched/preempt, mm/fault: Trigger might_sleep() in might_fault() with disabled...David Hildenbrand
2015-04-15mm: new pfn_mkwrite same as page_mkwrite for VM_PFNMAPBoaz Harrosh
2015-04-15mm/memory: also print a_ops->readpage in print_bad_pte()Konstantin Khlebnikov
2015-04-15mm: remove rest of ACCESS_ONCE() usagesJason Low
2015-04-14mm: refactor do_wp_page handling of shared vma into a functionShachar Raindel
2015-04-14mm: refactor do_wp_page, extract the page copy flowShachar Raindel
2015-04-14mm: refactor do_wp_page - rewrite the unlock flowShachar Raindel
2015-04-14mm: refactor do_wp_page, extract the reuse caseShachar Raindel
2015-03-25mm: numa: slow PTE scan rate if migration failures occurMel Gorman
2015-03-25mm: numa: preserve PTE write permissions across a NUMA hinting faultMel Gorman
2015-03-25mm: numa: group related processes based on VMA flags instead of page table flagsMel Gorman
2015-03-12mm: fix up numa read-only thread grouping logicLinus Torvalds
2015-02-16mm: allow page fault handlers to perform the COWMatthew Wilcox
2015-02-16mm: fix XIP fault vs truncate raceMatthew Wilcox
2015-02-12mm/memory.c: actually remap enough memoryGrazvydas Ignotas
2015-02-12mm: numa: add paranoid check around pte_protnone_numaMel Gorman
2015-02-12mm: numa: do not trap faults on the huge zero pageMel Gorman
2015-02-12mm: convert p[te|md]_mknonnuma and remaining page table manipulationsMel Gorman
2015-02-12mm: convert p[te|md]_numa users to p[te|md]_protnone_numaMel Gorman