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2012-08-21mm: compaction: Abort async compaction if locks are contended or taking too longMel Gorman
2012-08-21mm: have order > 0 compaction start near a pageblock with free pagesMel Gorman
2012-08-21mm: correct page->pfmemalloc to fix deactivate_slab regressionAlex Shi
2012-08-21mm/compaction.c: fix deferring compaction mistakeMinchan Kim
2012-08-21mm: change nr_ptes BUG_ON to WARN_ONHugh Dickins
2012-08-04vfs: kill write_super and sync_supersArtem Bityutskiy
2012-08-02mm: remove node_start_pfn checking in new WARN_ON for nowLinus Torvalds
2012-08-01Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2012-08-01Merge branch 'for-3.6/core' of git:// Torvalds
2012-07-31Merge branch 'akpm' (Andrew's patch-bomb)Linus Torvalds
2012-07-31mm: hugetlbfs: close race during teardown of hugetlbfs shared page tablesMel Gorman
2012-07-31tmpfs: distribute interleave better across nodesNathan Zimmer
2012-07-31mm: remove redundant initializationMinchan Kim
2012-07-31mm: warn if pg_data_t isn't initialized with zeroMinchan Kim
2012-07-31memcg: gix memory accounting scalability in shrink_page_listTim Chen
2012-07-31mm/sparse: remove index_init_lockGavin Shan
2012-07-31mm/sparse: more checks on mem_section numberGavin Shan
2012-07-31mm/sparse: optimize sparse_index_allocGavin Shan
2012-07-31memcg: add mem_cgroup_from_css() helperWanpeng Li
2012-07-31memcg: further prevent OOM with too many dirty pagesHugh Dickins
2012-07-31memcg: prevent OOM with too many dirty pagesMichal Hocko
2012-07-31mm: mmu_notifier: fix freed page still mapped in secondary MMUXiao Guangrong
2012-07-31mm: memcg: only check anon swapin page charges for swap cacheJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: only check swap cache pages for repeated chargingJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: split swapin charge function into private and public partJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: remove needless !mm fixup to init_mm when chargingJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: remove unneeded shmem charge typeJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: move swapin charge functions above callsitesJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: only check for PageSwapCache when uncharging anonJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: push down PageSwapCache check into uncharge entry functionsJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: swapfile: clean up unuse_pte race handlingJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31mm: memcg: fix compaction/migration failing due to memcg limitsJohannes Weiner
2012-07-31swapfile: avoid dereferencing bd_disk during swap_entry_free for network storageMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: add support for direct_IO to highmem pagesMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: swap: implement generic handler for swap_activateMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: add support for a filesystem to activate swap files and use direct_IO for...Mel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: add get_kernel_page[s] for pinning of kernel addresses for I/OMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: methods for teaching filesystems about PG_swapcache pagesMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: account for the number of times direct reclaimers get throttledMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: throttle direct reclaimers if PF_MEMALLOC reserves are low and swap is ba...Mel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: micro-optimise slab to avoid a function callMel Gorman
2012-07-31netvm: allow skb allocation to use PFMEMALLOC reservesMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: ignore mempolicies when using ALLOC_NO_WATERMARKMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: only set page->pfmemalloc when ALLOC_NO_WATERMARKS was usedMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: allow PF_MEMALLOC from softirq contextMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: introduce __GFP_MEMALLOC to allow access to emergency reservesMel Gorman
2012-07-31mm: slub: optimise the SLUB fast path to avoid pfmemalloc checksChristoph Lameter
2012-07-31mm: sl[au]b: add knowledge of PFMEMALLOC reserve pagesMel Gorman
2012-07-31memory-hotplug: fix kswapd looping forever problemMinchan Kim
2012-07-31mm: fix free page check in zone_watermark_ok()Minchan Kim