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2007-05-09Fix occurrences of "the the "Michael Opdenacker
2007-05-09Fix trivial typos in Kconfig* filesDavid Sterba
2007-05-08Fix sunrpc warning noiseGeert Uytterhoeven
2007-05-08header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not usedRandy Dunlap
2007-05-08VFS: delay the dentry name generation on sockets and pipesEric Dumazet
2007-05-07Fix bluetooth HCI sysfs compileLinus Torvalds
2007-05-07Merge Torvalds
2007-05-07slab allocators: Remove SLAB_DEBUG_INITIAL flagChristoph Lameter
2007-05-07[NET]: rfkill: add support for input key to control wireless radioIvo van Doorn
2007-05-07[NET] net/core: Fix error handlingJosef 'Jeff' Sipek
2007-05-07Merge git:// S. Miller
2007-05-06Merge git:// Torvalds
2007-05-05[MAC80211]: Add debugfs attributes.Jiri Benc
2007-05-05[MAC80211]: Add mac80211 wireless stack.Jiri Benc
2007-05-05[AF_IUCV]: Compile fix - adopt to skbuff changes.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-04Merge git:// Torvalds
2007-05-05[Bluetooth] Disconnect L2CAP connection after last RFCOMM DLCMarcel Holtmann
2007-05-05[Bluetooth] Check that device is in rfcomm_dev_list before deletingMarcel Holtmann
2007-05-05[Bluetooth] Use in-kernel sockets APIMarcel Holtmann
2007-05-05[Bluetooth] Attach host adapters to the Bluetooth busMarcel Holtmann
2007-05-05[Bluetooth] Fix L2CAP and HCI setsockopt() information leaksMarcel Holtmann
2007-05-04[SCTP]: Set assoc_id correctly during INIT collision.Vlad Yasevich
2007-05-04[SCTP]: Re-order SCTP initializations to avoid race with sctp_rcv()Sridhar Samudrala
2007-05-04[SCTP]: Fix the SO_REUSEADDR handling to be similar to TCP.Vlad Yasevich
2007-05-04[SCTP]: Verify all destination ports in sctp_connectx.Vlad Yasevich
2007-05-04[XFRM] SPD info TLV aggregationJamal Hadi Salim
2007-05-04[XFRM] SAD info TLV aggregationxJamal Hadi Salim
2007-05-04[AF_RXRPC]: Sort out MTU handling.David Howells
2007-05-04[AF_IUCV/IUCV] : Add missing section annotationsHeiko Carstens
2007-05-04[AF_IUCV]: Implementation of a skb backlog queueJennifer Hunt
2007-05-04[NETLINK]: Remove bogus BUG_ONPatrick McHardy
2007-05-03[TCP]: zero out rx_opt in tcp_disconnect()Srinivas Aji
2007-05-03[NET]: Rework dev_base via list_head (v3)Pavel Emelianov
2007-05-03[TCP] Highspeed: Limited slow-start is nowadays in tcp_slow_startIlpo Järvinen
2007-05-03[NETFILTER]: bridge netfilter: consolidate header pushing/pulling codePatrick McHardy
2007-05-03[NETFILTER]: sip: Fix RTP address NATHerbert Xu
2007-05-03[NETFILTER]: nf_nat_proto_gre: do not modify/corrupt GREv0 packets through NATJorge Boncompte
2007-05-03[NETFILTER]: ipt_DNAT: accept port randomization optionPatrick McHardy
2007-05-03[NET]: Add __dev_getfirstbyhwtypePatrick McHardy
2007-05-03[NETLINK]: Fix use after free in netlink_recvmsgPatrick McHardy
2007-05-03[NETLINK]: Kill CB only when socket is unusedHerbert Xu
2007-05-03[TCP]: Delete unused header file net/ipv4/tcp_yeah.h.Robert P. J. Day
2007-05-03[AFS/AF_RXRPC]: Miscellaneous fixes.David Howells
2007-05-02kconfig: fix path to modules.txt in Kconfig helpAlexander E. Patrakov
2007-05-02spkm3: initialize hashJ. Bruce Fields - unquoted
2007-05-02spkm3: remove bad kfree, unnecessary exportJ. Bruce Fields - unquoted
2007-05-02spkm3: fix spkm3's use of hmacJ. Bruce Fields - unquoted
2007-04-30SUNRPC: RPC client should retry with different versions of rpcbindChuck Lever
2007-04-30SUNRPC: remove old portmapperChuck Lever
2007-04-30SUNRPC: switch the RPC server to use the new rpcbind registration APIChuck Lever