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2010-10-15ASoC: Remove unused vol field from WM8994 access mask tableJoe Perches
2010-10-15ASoC: fsi: simultaneous playback/recorde supportKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-15ASoC: SAMSUNG: Add Machine driver for S/PDIF PCM audioSeungwhan Youn
2010-10-15ASoC: SAMSUNG: Add S/PDIF CPU driverSeungwhan Youn
2010-10-13ASoC: Pay attention to driver supplied DAI IDsMark Brown
2010-10-13ASoC: Check list debugfs files for PAGE_SIZE overflowMark Brown
2010-10-13ASoC: Move soc-core module init next to functon definitionMark Brown
2010-10-13ASoC: Restore DAI ID specification for WM8994Mark Brown
2010-10-13ASoC: Add WM8962 microphone bias controlMark Brown
2010-10-13ASoC: ac97: add MODULE_ALIAS for the platform driverMika Westerberg
2010-10-13ASoC: don't register AC97 devices twiceMika Westerberg
2010-10-13ASoC: ac97: don't call snd_soc_new_ac97_codec at probeMika Westerberg
2010-10-12ASoC: Add fsi_is_play functionKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-12ASoC: fsi: Add new macro and shift for PortA/B In/OutKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-12ASoC: fsi: avoid un-necessary status readKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-12ASoC: fsi: remove un-necessary variable from fsi_dai_startupKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-12ASoC: fsi: Add fsi_get_frame_width functionKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-12ASoC: ak4642: simultaneous playback/recorde supportKuninori Morimoto
2010-10-11ASoC: checking kzalloc() for IS_ERR() instead of NULLDan Carpenter
2010-10-11ASoC: Compress WM8962 register access mapMark Brown
2010-10-11ASoC: Shrink code size for WM8962 register defaults tableMark Brown
2010-10-07ASoC: Staticise CS4270 DAIMark Brown
2010-10-07ASoC: Use delayed work for debounce of GPIO based jacksMark Brown
2010-10-07ASoC: Staticise AD1980 DAIMark Brown
2010-10-05ASoC: remove duplicated include for nuc900Nicolas Kaiser
2010-10-05ASoC: sh: fix build error: terminate the platform device ID listGuennadi Liakhovetski
2010-10-05ASoC: WM8804: Retrieve the device revision and print itDimitris Papastamos
2010-10-05ASoC: soc-cache: Add spi_write support for all I/O typesDimitris Papastamos
2010-10-04ALSA: ASoc: DaVinci Delay start of ASP to triggerTroy Kisky
2010-10-04ASoC: WM8804: Power down the PLL correctlyDimitris Papastamos
2010-10-04ASoC: WM8804: Refactor set_pll code to avoid GCC warningsDimitris Papastamos
2010-10-02ASoC: WM8804: Use a proper DAI nameDimitris Papastamos
2010-10-02ASoC: Put WM8962 GPIO2/3 into GPIO mode when configuring platform data tooMark Brown
2010-10-02ASoC: Implement interrupt based jack detectionMark Brown
2010-10-02ASoC: Add support for WM8962 GPIO outputsMark Brown
2010-10-01ASoC: Remove -dai suffix from i.MX SSI driverMark Brown
2010-09-30ASoC: Relax restrictions on WM8962 BCLK configurationMark Brown
2010-09-30ASoC: WM8804: Initial driverDimitris Papastamos
2010-09-30ASoC: Remove unneeded use of spi_bus_typeDimitris Papastamos
2010-09-30ASoC: Provide microphone bias configuration for WM8962Mark Brown
2010-09-30ASoC: Mark WM8962 Additional Control 4 register as volatileMark Brown
2010-09-29ASoC: Initial WM8962 IRQ supportMark Brown
2010-09-29ASoC: Lowercase WM8962 CODEC nameMark Brown
2010-09-28ASoC: Fix masking of WM8962 FLL1 registerMark Brown
2010-09-28ASoC: WM8985: Use the correct macro for the kcontrol definedDimitris Papastamos
2010-09-27ASoC: Fix a compile warning for printk formatTakashi Iwai
2010-09-24ASoC: WM8985: Remove unneeded declaration.Dimitris Papastamos
2010-09-24ASoC: Clean up AC'97 glue driverMark Brown
2010-09-24ASoC: Add debug logging for s3c-ac97 resetsMark Brown
2010-09-24ASoC: Convert s3c-ac97 to pr_() macrosMark Brown