tag namegpio-v3.18-1 (282458a29302c814f3f80cf7ce562615696b2084)
tag date2014-10-08 09:25:25 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <>
tagged objectcommit a092e19b68...
This is the bulk of GPIO changes for the v3.18 development
cycle: - Increase the default ARCH_NR_GPIO from 256 to 512. This was done to avoid having a custom <asm/gpio.h> header for the x86 architecture - GPIO is custom and complicated enough as it is already! We want to move to a radix to store the descriptors going forward, and finally get rid of this fixed array size altogether. - Endgame patching of the gpio_remove() semantics initiated by Abdoulaye Berthe. It is not accepted by the system that the removal of a GPIO chip fails during e.g. reboot or shutdown, and therefore the return value has now painfully been refactored away. For special cases like GPIO expanders on a hot-pluggable bus like USB, we may later add some gpiochip_try_remove() call, but for the cases we have now, return values are moot. - Some incremental refactoring of the gpiolib core and ACPI GPIO library for more descriptor usage. - Refactor the chained IRQ handler set-up method to handle also threaded, nested interrupts and set up the parent IRQ correctly. Switch STMPE and TC3589x drivers to use this registration method. - Add a .irq_not_threaded flag to the struct gpio_chip, so that also GPIO expanders that block but are still not using threaded IRQ handlers. - New drivers for the ARM64 X-Gene SoC GPIO controller. - The syscon GPIO driver has been improved to handle the "DSP GPIO" found on the TI Keystone 2 SoC:s. - ADNP driver switched to use gpiolib irqchip helpers. - Refactor the DWAPB driver to support being instantiated from and MFD cell (platform device). - Incremental feature improvement in the Zynq, MCP23S08, DWAPB, OMAP, Xilinx and Crystalcove drivers. - Various minor fixes. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJUNOr0AAoJEEEQszewGV1z9toP/2ISXRnsi3+jlqVmEGm/y6EA PPwJOiYnOhZR2/fTCHIF0PNbIi9pw7xKnzxttYCu4uCz7geHX+FfTwUZ2/KWMfqi ZJ9kEoOVVKzKjmL/m2a2tO4IRSBHqJ8dF3yvaNjS3AL7EDfG6F5STErQurdLEynK SeJZ2OwM/vRFCac6F7oDlqAUTu3xYGbVD8+zI0H0V/ReocosFlEwcbl2S8ctDWUd h98M+gY+A8rxkvVMnmQ/k7rUTme/glDQ3z5xVx+uHbS2/a5M1jSM/71cXE6YnSrR it0CK7CHomq2RzHsKf7oH7GD4kFkukMwFKeMoqz75JWz3352VZPTF53chCIqRSgO hrgGwZ7WF6pUUUhsn1ZdZsnBPA2Fou2uwslyLSAiE+OYEH2/NSVIOUcorjQcWqU/ 0Kix5yb8X1ZzRMhR+TVrTD5V0jguqp2buXq+0P2XlU6MoO2vy7iNf2eXvPg8sF8C anjTCKgmkzy7eyT2uzfDaNZAyfSBKb1TiKiR9zA0SRChJkCi1ErJEXDGeHiptvSA +D2k68Ils2LqsvdrnEd2XvVFMllh0iq7b+16o7D+Els0WRbnHpfYCaqfOuF5F4U0 SmeyI0ruawNDc5e9EBKXstt0/R9AMOetyTcTu29U2ZVo90zGaT1ofT8+R1jJ0kGa bPARJZrgecgv1E9Qnnnd =8InA -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----