tag nameiio-fixes-3.17a (36177ebe8614581e29e08f650339c7dcf2d22351)
tag date2014-09-14 20:59:29 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit a31d092899...
First round of IIO fixes for the 3.17 cycle.
* Fix an overwritten error return that can prevent deferred probing when using of_iio_channel_get_by_name * A series that deals with an incorrect reference count when the default trigger is set within the main probe routine for a driver. Can result in a double free if the trigger is changed. * Fix a buglet with xilinx-xadc concerning setup of the address for an aux channel. * At91 adc driver could sometimes get a touchscreen reading rather than the intended adc channel. This is fixed by using the channel data register instead. * Fix some ST magnetometer gain values that differ in production parts from the prerelease ones used for driver development. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJUFfUOAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIcyoQAKYclsqsYvWfNmxaGncSCwjZ hPh/YrlOv/Gto9yvLRbLHlvP966STHvi6T0g0dXGxAMy5q2vvYzP9T9iHexUIeW/ l/UJ0lGTz7YNl0/RwoLD9l8CrNscKPh6ZDsR+Y73mlJzsl4oTsGYlv00PKbleSLk 8qqLqagTa1ToiujOE2j9H+rvea3G9nzCvPYQbJR+tDQ/LqBSquyhpF+/oumwPTCP EVajxFzh/MUQdRtPd27IVP1g/lbssvhCburrf/KVbfskwTcV0Mhpj4joU18dMjy8 VvRLRJbjqxaKPYux97WEFhDh5eQbS5GZ8NX4xZgDfvn8RBFG0P4T7jNXH1p0QGoN /tbDJcTeDfJYZoD/p2ZZWjr0CnR5t12kY6EVPRje79S3rkaS0NN0B7A4ywRhoUnC r5e7R+zqtM4QibkcZSw71mgh83cWt9mAn3hgUn/riqkjcp4hyZxVR3RhrUZKpl/J EBFNVGXJXoLBgtg4n+LM+2MeESVutVEytlv/ORMCrphI7+H1d2GP0nrITpClDBVZ tkikHJoRrf21ceJDxY+b3bTemrbH/9METu9AyzYjoHyNOvqoZQcSoB7gOxBcmCHm X/uJLEzJHJrz6XlBQKqxt11li6rmczaPta3AN78GArN1/cmaCPNDiAKq4edq+gAn uvn5V8GTfs/XRJk/kVrl =MS7C -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----