tag nameiio-fixes-for-3.11a (97dd7da5c01e1229cbabdaf74b5614dc643ab124)
tag date2013-07-16 08:54:56 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 67dbf54a3b...
The first round of IIO fixes for the 3.11 cycle.
This set is larger than I would like, partly due to my lack of review time in the weeks before the merge window and partly because a couple of large drivers and the subsystem as a whole seem to be getting a lot more exposure and testing recently. 1) A long term bug in trigger handling gave a double free of the device. 2) Wrong return value handling means offsets are ignored in iio_convert_raw_to_processed_unlocked. 3) The iio_channel_has_info utility function was incorrectly updated during the recent info_mask split, this is now fixed. 4) mxs-lradc has a couple of little fixes. 5) A couple of missing .driver_module entries meant that drivers could be removed from underneath their users. 6) Error path fixes for ad7303 and lis3l02dq. 7) The scale value for presure in the lps331ap driver was out by a factor of 100. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.20 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJR5QAJAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIG2oP/1kV33gxoFwoKMblG7J1paHU h8XdffT93XJTHnCMykCgI9KjohKtr0UmtDLXLXuZD9mkq6T9e6qh6xwpap68Nmwn bCPdaYfqU8cmJ794JV3uK2MUqQphTvV5WhjH4U7qJU8jDesSinPYxEH04DXVnCLC 600PHw8bbl4DGCYLgpDKeq0zZ/4joKFhItVNaRPCpJJB/MYbLkOXE8CLhSoGslKo IfpcBvuN7oYS4CbLqvnkMOmrSaI4a4eI3L6vG42zNuOQLPyL2dNZK3/ViJCJFbqX FbYbYvgApn04liyVkSDQAgW3fkQivF0Lh9R2kkHQ/meTqDMr+r6uvyQ6KDYgw6Px Xh79hwHn/mjT3xRWqtMeMJ85v/9I2dGpKeX2EUm4a8o3+5/gq/oyHR2eF2OZfvBn b3X1PYk29TkGN2K42JKwMJUqHFnVc4w91A9/TWTqz/cqFvBWvdJb8IJmijSug4NG /MN9U07QJgsH5sgRjhkorRe68dXvvBNAhka5ZX3TzrxUO74AdmJ/FscoFulevPgs MTpP8/OxRs4ez94SMNiudK6o6ycNCJYsyKEaF9utDhsJf3W04bXMIP2HvEmZRz14 DCh6v33/vqVjSnrHt95XVa37ahoGUClzAyqvJ+AbnlCXH9yvLjtvP6zLL2p014Zu UcK4x2wZrEhCH6RHPK1y =ratf -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----