tag nameiio-fixes-for-3.12a (6d721f95d4fb87580f703a7c4eb5c812dc20e1af)
tag date2013-09-21 16:02:20 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit bda2f8fca2...
First round of IIO fixes for 3.12
A series of wrong 'struct dev' assumptions in suspend/resume callbacks following on from this issue being identified in a new driver review. One to watch out for in future. A number of driver specific fixes 1) at91 - fix a overflow in clock rate computation 2) dummy - Kconfig dependency issue 3) isl29018 - uninitialized value 4) hmc5843 - measurement conversion bug introduced by recent cleanup. 5) ade7854-spi - wrong return value. Some IIO core fixes 1) Wrong value picked up for event code creation for a modified channel 2) A null dereference on failure to initialize a buffer after no buffer has been in use, when using the available_scan_masks approach. 3) Sampling not stopped when a device is removed. Effects forced removal such as hot unplugging. 4) Prevent device going away if a chrdev is still open in userspace. 5) Prevent race on chardev opening and device being freed. 6) Add a missing iio_buffer_init in the call back buffer. These last few are the first part of a set from Lars-Peter Clausen who has been taking a closer look at our removal paths and buffer handling than anyone has for quite some time. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.21 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSPbfaAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIMjkP/2wItue2mPvaZbw53NcZZFhA lbYUBzzZ0pg1L7zENx91HXsfv2loWcyDzf/PcJWpEuU9QxIm53mQQdRsv8BACcIM NZOCNrBz28T0tSc2LzHVg/MWKeN2G/2n0AVgxxOtDpwLipeXhTp331qIqaM4JXex JT+PiK2Nt2FQgmRJTtdwfplgSTi4+kazberlS+xtWNB891X8JjInO1/ABTTMtS6F QmutbAjjButNMOGV7bfNaLkU+4IMIA0khzi745s9t2fS0JiQ6Xh9AUOtGjyXU0Dp srShsM7gJWWNoBORTrQZydbLM3faPLdDDRIPutwo0G/0uVCLwGoekI60gjORHRwC aPHvgDw+Dqe018sQxkCVWshNOi0KyIanvnN8wCKW81XZy9M2GYWbQYCb/Vw01cpT FPUfElKeCVKCULLANE0SCUzGDpVjdiUwu956RDwmkgHEBXm7SgkVlTPEI22BmruF Tvs5vF4dxQtbsB3sttGU8ulxBgupUvr3QLdark79bbmu3aKZ86TZ9Jd+NREnQGKe 6UXB/HaY8GQNe1xMukdhQ83/KtC8Au+r/xiVyjJxkVYrn0cOIMrAfQDNBLIPOziS Qj5h6S4z2Yrl6h5Lak6eoEhzsdiB/3uFuLq6MNlEzfxbmRPmMO1Mm5/Hi57Jo2L/ 78FDXqf4PaEKLEuXM322 =GQoN -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----