tag nameiio-fixes-for-3.13c (af897649ecb6331b6b40c4f39caf1a7537a485c7)
tag date2013-12-17 20:40:56 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit e39d99059a...
Third set of fixes for IIO in the 3.13 cycle.
* Fix for a bug in the new cm36651 driver where it told the IIO driver it was providing a decimal part, but then didn't. Now it correctly tells the IIO core that it is only providing an integer value. This prevents random incorrect values being output on a sysfs read. * 3 fixes where drivers were miss specifying the endianness of their channels as output through the buffer interface. These were discovered whilst removing the terrible IIO_ST macro once and for all. The result is that userspace may be informed that the buffer elements are being output as little endian (on little endian platforms) when infact they are big endian. Thus userspace will handle them incorrectly. This incorrect buffer element specification is provided as sysfs attributes under iio:deviceN/scan_elements. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSsLiAAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaItv4QAJ+ZYH7fikFLaI0PkSBp1a3l 2Cs52p+d2/ZLcP2tuFzHAHhhjocx1YJ8PcDyIhZOeuWt98dzcKekLnTsTrHjAvZw g5PnPZq2+SQ345MKSq7LZZ0Sz0BoBJ+U4xXQvkQh3XPaoYSoqTQoiMstxme7IlX7 P1ye1PVDFxlimk0rcpMkUcIl6jW4rVcxOsVVmdbhZ2kz1ia0Zv8kjr68BOTBFyoN hAOV9u5ct/XMRKlO/NHnuS8sidn15vI9VP9dQV3rWN8CTNs7yqbDO6GFI7nuc1Xb 7E3ExoBFCH3dVZQtImBKrZk3HuRqI/TdfhwXFQG9GOslbFGYTKmOebUNeo+uAoP5 vi81sjTbeUEWIK95CT680csj0BP1Hofq0ivv/p++Osk4+hP/Z8r52E4oYR3z1Jc/ uZgAaGaItwnVcZnEZPM4B5nJcib+CK+cA4Mt/9iiUvVRbZAg2i6njnHWd8FgOUk/ 0Oj2HfP32oPIgbOYC9YyI2H1guJ/gkVRsZ8oVDiVcsDN2S8HjGDlNkt5NJN3coEL 5enxTD4bIU1uWVD0JZfsKQcM+j7gdMZGMeytGyuE9hKwp7ua/ccJXG/Pmoq3NBcu MBf1E21aldoK1ZRrN0gd3asj7nXsPUl9GvCZeISxsUlNOhPvyappAjGP+t707ZL4 yar14KkjzjlMw6d4mAsB =CtIO -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----