tag nameiio-fixes-for-3.14a (5304d04247c11ff52d4f15d433afa622eaec0357)
tag date2014-02-03 18:49:50 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 8c314da583...
First set of IIO fixes for the 3.14 cycle.
Included is the patch previously set as the fourth round for 3.13 which was to late to be appropriate. * Another endian fix (ad799x adc) due to missuse of the IIO_ST macro (which is going away very shortly) * A reversed error check in ad5933 which will make the probe fail. * A buffer overflow in the example code in the documentation. * ad799x was freeing an irq that might or might not have been requested. * tsl2563 was checking the wrong element of chan_spec for modifiers. Thus some sysfs reads would give the wrong values. * A missing dependency on HAS_IOMEM in spear_adc and lpc32xx was causing some test build failures (on s390 and perhaps elsewhere). I also have a few fixes queued up for things that went in during the 3.14 merge window which will follow as a separate pull request (to avoid rebasing my tree). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJS7+bmAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIBEIP/Ry6x7SbKwjP71dO0gSrCmbf WLO7yE+jy3MRkua/vhRn2nRx76Mk4N0NfZ7aSxja3gE/UMIgDUG0QC5tJgVm+Sol rUr+TOn9vrBhvJWoaOuZerkfdEiP1AUE034sQ4BXPm8M+zpf/1t2nRXslFPGx0hw bq+XBhBpB2pBlmn8Z6q9DK279elh1cmhuJyFK4BEEa98/fLCfkLoKPWD3L/uDS6/ ne33LqvcKPgCkEToX5FoSeCibnQI673LgR2zuxfljxVYnkO7y8IqdzwJDExpsNzW mGYIrnuGM6ocXe8vIqkqknD9x8xST+mCGrpIUC0MD9eq5AIRzttxZoYKclq3kTTQ bukrbuqkiGyC2Hwe50A4+bWM06I8yu/NDUuGxCvKfy26wqwAtXlKGTzwJUg6jHBU rssMhYbBLSKmyl0sFlH1xwaHGDZKDNHWz60GpdO2OS516U37JkGvRvRg2bkgomps w4OoqXgspE5F1CCnRgy2NYIbN+UlJWY4SGO/boCor5JonYkWnmTq+0sQ4XxehAqc sTPW7vXITTkGJmrAgRWmBReI0iE03sC2CDZIOLlGOczJ4tDj7iRh1EN1tAB7gGV8 n3rIZaE5AfAGKNgLcgF5WaVbnxm/Pd9dr+JdjcFv+I8imKiLCCnj/U23WaD27kUt RnMueM0Uu7I1hD3BSbDx =otUr -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----