tag nameiio-fixes-for-3.15a (a7f0cf3a924cd3f67ff8d3b836a3b1be6f87fa2a)
tag date2014-04-12 18:44:43 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit e036f71e8c...
First found of IIO fixes for the 3.15 cycle.
* Fix the platform data support for the at91 adc driver. * A couple of related follow up patches get the support working again for at91sam9260 and at91sam9g45 as the earlier patch results in a device name change. * A default timer value in the at91 adc driver was bonkers. Make it sane. * Fix incorrect reporting of the integration time for the cm32181 light sensor * Fix a missing break in the ad2s1200 driver which would have give a false error return. * Make sure buffer scan mask queries from userspace return 0/1 rather than a fairly random value depending on their implementation of test_bit * Fix leak of the i2c client and a null pointer dereference in the cm36651 driver. * Fix a build warning on avr32 for the mxs-lradc (not exactly a critical combination - but the issue was real). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTSX1HAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIGkoQAIotGana51TXPo9KYnQJaCYH +xBfaaXEaR69lARoXT8SDGzyXPCQNOEbVfsXRwrVQ4Wl8x2hP8n9YdUrAHzZ/8O/ Wf8Z0jb81Q+KNJ+SMMgcy4kK5OU71EMMk5fbocPzD+WfQ+WlDr+My1F3yZ5UIvOM nOUF6QCcYA0MN7dopEVIqyP8HZhrxR1YUvgzqOmp1fteYL4gFCU006WPSI30GxEv fMM8MiWbbn9xjOsR7SBzaLEo0Hv3YC92zwSAuJxGClH/+9cKogWAaE/PiNUO3y6A +2D0KQnGRopKy4j/QCjdPZsTmYDBxQ9vMlUOtRlOf1XAVjL6pZu2EJ2/ereShLW6 B4rev23tqgk9nyNk/Li4n+5krzvPqqOcbWNW1la769DkEt7LU+YU+hiShkDm1+0M 6hwxPd6gQxg0QUjuusi1+B5JqweAv+mEcCsQ+ga6ZK61X9bNJ6c/4YF451rkNhc6 mlC3ZqBvDALmNSVdCas0GOGHLaeWxfoT7E9G6p62h9uBVerqZ6epvlAUC6JOHotc /qz/D1VL1+ptPAawXiFSNOb8RMJogdBfjPB9bOlYQSSHV3eF0RVNK6FQiqvc4mFX or1pPG6lDLGm6g3NcDEjxEEVThevQpEwKmpM0TCEUMiIuxSHYN/M//P2PSeDvYwk 9k8x3fJae7dWNsGIT92y =HMr3 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----