tag nameiio-fixes-for-3.16e (acc45f6ca0bd1a8d2a311f1912a2dbb623db21b2)
tag date2014-07-20 19:43:23 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 9b2a4d35a6...
Fifth set of fixes for IIO in the 3.16 cycle.
One nasty one that has been around a long time and a couple of non compliant ABI fixes. * The demux code used to split out desired channels for devices that only support reading sets of channels at one time had a bug where it was building it's conversion tables against the wrong bitmap resulting in it never actually demuxing anything. This is an old bug, but will be effecting an increasing number of drivers as it is often used to avoid some fiddly code in the individual drivers. * bma180 and mma8452 weren't obeying the ABI wrt to units for acceleration. Were in G rather than m/s^2. A little input check was missing from bma180 that might lead to acceptance of incorrect values. This last one is minor but might lead to incorrect userspace code working and problems in the future. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTzA9MAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaI+kgP/RuIbx7zMGEZC0G1o3suKcgk 2N4SyUhrnz0MvX7HyckpLlAFr5YU1l5sRvBi+RW9NRtAjbZcRH7c3uc8AqptWIuF DuqNCM/WLSOEsFWV8kRzClKcTBwz1O59cAtR1jNz7r6CsmehPDQljhRW/wg6+v5h MvYr4zvgsVbaT+x6/iGnJUIMnEcsPiwRfbmyXkPa9uvv6KFixiG3NUEz1maeRJ/T a9Xpvl/T4Bl+0dhS0kIMYC4tInUdfG4HygJeUTLxVOsDkrpHKn2x23Peco1UpAUd 4k1cNDUzUzQHYH8kKi+j8N7MQdLvVS2NbJ4lwcR6zME57ocvXYZ8nVrjRWWonnON BkYRdmXQrDUes7d1A+0s3x8LDJf0jCHvBqqkmLqMe7F1BiOhQfbV5Mm/nrxHIWBJ ssW0V5t9jxZDdt4IBEOA8DaqSxNeyqdHJPMMysvBxfvOtxmCVlU2QEwW8Sy3J54k K1YHqfoefDbZpPGVT78B7eBVr7PgE5H4Btuz6hulSo1f5w13l1eVcRO7PHBCCKQQ /9pSLaGQekTuZSFQVHPJoqlFmHh9r70pkvzPezEdqhURdYgR+vWGYPCPJ63X6Y9h 7unl5tvVLU0vvuEaUVo4BemnpfniNuEVsASp1KIjTF6fpM3MjgVmOOPY0pfLEgxa 86ztLa8DGsO1oz0HgGwJ =Q+s/ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----