tag nameiio-for-3.9a (1325584a04a1d6d77e4cd21f27794ace01956235)
tag date2013-01-06 16:26:04 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit e07c6d170c...
First round of IIO new stuff and cleanups for 3.9
Here we have: * RTC driver for the hid-sensor hubs. This is routed through here with agreement of Jiri Kosina and Andrew Morton. * Some small patches doing dead code removal and fixing some comments. * max1363 - move to the triggered_buffer helpers (basically duplicate code removal). * lp8788 - parent device change from the i2c device to the intermediate mfd. So the bulk of what we have is actually outside the IIO tree but the RTC driver in question is dependent on some patches that directly effect IIO so I am routing it through IIO with the agreement of the relevant maintainers (Andrew is acting as maintainer of RTC at the moment). The majority of HID-sensor related code is in IIO and it now crosses 3 subsystems so it was going to be a bit awkward whatever route it took. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJQ6adzAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIdXUP/3evWP7pfIME87JWjG7/jE4G OD1Wv5S0Iq7qJUYrd1GD4jeGleXQbsWfb956mXG3CyVMWzZhn5Yfn6rLYCBwET+7 NYDh/4e5qLzcdENtqMrXYlb+PNMnv07lCsOhxTHEm8EaqkaQBd+AYZTm8qWaADt8 Cd26ItGPLAgWlyaskF1dfu0sZAR2C7s4dBqqGdD7Yt/pk8jF7AllCcPKgZ48vhBI oVP2Gmxs5Tt2CtmOhJMrtx+u5SqMyOyIgf6BFxVSjTBBDyD3uBBZ/VqlKVkBOCE6 DeCoBjkEuu0nnI6akygcQLHPa3MbLYum42WaSLX12VG4ZMcxYwRoimzSPwDDeSyP oJd8V9RhvlqOHbvKo2aF6gDYRkVd2RXo32B8xrpB8WvAuI/EEYn/1BpeV8WkPph3 hngFV20r7pevm5mtjdRK+1tx8Vp8NjpWp0Y/dwfsbr6F4LJMa2cKfpKQWHoD51ZK LNy4lRLTEP0iJWpUE752Zt0FBFpTJO65nsHQ6QkWELRBxJ0WjM9yy3ArWxBz1EPv gzbWJpT4B3XnKn5qx0TZ0tCPqTAeqVlHAUwp4VxhQMaa+qxWKDjvhKO58GaEifep 9yv7sVhUo4sULNIMW0dT6stu/dAA5ygGu1Y387t+ZTQEv8gdGNljAua7bVNbQYxJ qqTTsjwx/rX+8NxQbPJh =vBZ+ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----