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tag date2013-02-02 12:04:57 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
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Third set of IIO new drivers, cleanups and fixes for the 3.9 cycle
New drivers 1) A driver for ST microelectronics sensors. This driver already covers a large set of new parts (20 gyros, accelerometer and magnetometers) not currently covered by the existing drivers. The intent moving forward is to merge this with the other drivers for similar parts already in tree. The lis3l02dq driver currently in staging/iio will be trivial, the lis3 driver in misc more complex as it has a number of additional interfaces. Any merging in of the lis3 driver will rely on the not currently merged iio_input bridge driver and handling of freefall notifications etc. 2) A driver for the itg3200 gyroscope. Graduations from staging 1) Cleanup and move out of staging of the adxrs450 gyroscope driver. The cleanup required was all minor but there were a couple of fixes hidden in there. Core and driver additions 1) Initial work from Guenter Roeck on device tree support for IIO's provider/ consumer code. Focuses on the iio_hwmon driver and the max1363 adc driver. The full device tree syntax is currently under discussion but should follow shortly. Cleanups and fixes 1) Remove a noop function __iio_update_buffer 2) Couple of small fixes and cleanups for the max1363 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJRDQDyAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIqZMP/i2fNpArDu3jXchJZJ1WuB0L eY3JdMWOCO/ujPnjf6qWCjqZ+GWzFSSE8q+ZfUFYRv42Hcu2WV06eAeczilRJwzu ZZAiWvWMTRV5tIAyg6guMoQvoxA5IHr5nG8JJ6OxY3ZtnnZr76kGm2/XIZCiy23d 1gFZOm9rew/lozbLdO16kcUm2WNBpX78PHStyQRUFjCGyDaM+BTFQjvZ+xRxKM9o G3/snb/ExIIwlrIhwSZecmBhZoXvQhSIl49sKyT2EWGoNdDnC9YqTeYp3UYtBUuO 3uQ6ne1xGZRBu97CjnKEVpLFAd+xVjB8I2i5CeZWDBUQIkb0DEXV3blOaOLEks0J bePhrlyDArdri18CQFFx2h5NwP87SjZ+U4zQkA63JWAXGC/w+vXp+MhxZpdvWXEy jI0SKlxaeD5a1N0helc8zvibMZDsYMQSMz+BoI9Js3YpOypz6YNgaaSG8lI1rZ8W YOsJiBWl6/jzg36QetD2Uhf8vVsA5KtDLSlLQbUBBjnvrN4XcPr/hWa2tv2GHnGh /YMqWA1wOxNSAMaqn1bdJKDNm02+j7B8DfY+3E5m6fVTxwgHQmfPsECrY8k2i6ma aMNDNuGnDCbpn8dKiIyQuvt+/1lktClcBcdHWUe/FGZtHdV7Kan5pDZQFLqoddCJ mUE2y65xc4Hc2pmjWyim =E5mK -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----