tag nameiio-for-3.9d (ce560901f995f522d7992a5d3e66a0f0114a4981)
tag date2013-02-10 17:45:53 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 09a642b785...
4th set of IIO new drivers cleanups and fixes for the 3.9 cycle
+ a new spi helper function. 1) Introduce spi_sync_transfer and use it within IIO. Originally it was envisioned that this nice little boilerplate replacement would go through the spi tree, but Grant Likely stated he'd prefer we take it through IIO as the example usecases were all in IIO (and are also in this pull request). Note that given their may have been some unresolved elements related to the coccinelle element of the patch, that has been stripped out and will doubtlessly follow at a later date (along with lots of other patches for drivers elsewhere in the tree). 2) New Invensense MPU6050 driver. This is stripped down to pretty much the basics from the original submission with the intent to build up all the fancy bits in an incremental (and hence reviewable fashion). It's been through a good few revisions so nice to finally merge this. 3) Change to iio_channel_get api to simplify device tree based mappings. The actual mappings are currently under review. 4) Build fixes for !CONFIG_IIO_TRIGGER in the st_sensors driver. This one snuck past during review and testing but got picked up by Randy Dunlap in a randconfig build. 5) Some max1363 cleanups and enhancements. 6) Some comment fixes to make them coherent and comprehensible. 7) Trivial build warning fix in mxs-lradc -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJRF9/7AAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIYJgP+gMbD+knXpWm6o9VSO/mZ2O6 TfpoZsLr8pZIXDbzqrNdO0lC8EYYzyukV3leCJAXhtVSZ3cvdWgjN99rouRcngKP 0CchGTAzK9IpbyHzwG+Yjv5kkwTqF1u5OZmQDSdvTqvoKCIRgSYmS8MleOwJVWmR x9yO3ogmoPQQiPuFq8D/jm+0v3PfcepSjnTY3d24uNpbLqUjQ1vMLDNKf4Ipb+XD jykWVVxYet3+om6PuRLEHs7PeLoIsCY79xdh+43m00eoYel65rrqFzVeuEGUYgzl EMhiaZ4GU2EKe3xAgDLykYp2PO/WlvDrhlAfuCXnuuMBsAMl8aZ+da4cwT57Agd8 D2XNvmLyPeLuHyQWtT68LqPsoXBCs1ZosfdHslJ2MbQcB6JSPvFShhUKmw3rL8wY ksp8sU37ouGpWLV2anGxMtVJHaglFrpt4TYO1QWfbRcKfsYJ2l28YJ0JtgJVF7D+ G3GDOSsUtJNLSgc7WxbONw6BWeWq34nGQPRmHAgKOQkjLxzcK5WTu7GAs7gCpCLW JrK1bJ8+ai6HdVPKFzgLgRTi5IdUCLLFr19cQDnPoPViB0krv+58jtglpxF0ZbUH fK0OUh/F4CO2SX/bYCxqLPZ0TkUTwpxSF5+5rMcEtKW5FXMfvY6+rOLaHhJX5mu6 q37/4gygKhbVdZVl1RO8 =htuw -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----