tag namepinctrl-for-v3.11-1 (9c70c378f8f0ce4a248dff749b6b59a78c1a9967)
tag date2013-07-01 16:54:04 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <>
tagged objectcommit 2207a4e1ca...
Pin control changes for the v3.11 kernel cycle:
- A large slew of improvements of the Genric pin configuration support, and deployment in four different platforms: Rockchip, Super-H PFC, ABx500 and TZ1090. Support BIAS_BUS_HOLD, get device tree parsing and debugfs support into shape. - We also have device tree support with generic naming conventions for the generic pin configuration. - Delete the unused and confusing direct pinconf API. Now state transitions is *the* way to control pins and multiplexing. - New drivers for Rockchip, TZ1090, and TZ1090 PDC. - Two pin control states related to power management are now handled in the device core: "sleep" and "idle", removing a lot of boilerplate code in drivers. We do not yet know if this is the final word for pin PM, but it already make things a lot easier to handle. - Handle sparse GPIO ranges passing a list of disparate pins, and utilize these in the new BayTrail (x86 Atom SoC) driver. - Make the sunxi (AllWinner) driver handle external interrupts. - Make it possible for pinctrl-single to handle the case where several pins are managed by a single register, and augment it to handle sleep modes. - Cleanups and improvements for the abx500 drivers. - Move Sirf pin control drivers to their own directory, support save/restore of context and add support for the SiRFatlas6 SoC. - PMU muxing for the Dove pinctrl driver. - Finalization and support for VF610 in the i.MX6 pinctrl driver. - Smoothen out various Exynos rough edges. - Generic cleanups of various kinds. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJR0Z07AAoJEEEQszewGV1zx+oP/j+bh39e1Fc8ySFNvpwLFFRb EbQZx21XsK+d4fUVYQJ1IBh3e5FTqkmvHarbO1aNttqyk7eN5P4EFb3dLExIX+81 6SJYtldH5ZdvLpJNvSXAX6fUjTD1CtBCDs5z5AvDQjqUArQ2tKlzJJgFXW8MSd3B 5hd7XdU5g30GbVzFwrPbVUZwRM12YVs/HACkP6uFqDjB8KX6nXpETlqeeFW+ApvW RPT7iN/CsFls7gl6mHsPvScdfXar0ilZfu0hTf3EmhlVK1/iPOV6aqAF9z4j2Yxf ICL/x3phJ0Q7yNeZslif0KN3iJnrRGbdNvBi6wim35Ds5Uf3lY2SAhSvxNmkjT8n DB9oBTvQzr5OEv8fstWJAT+BWIdZ6Z91IqJ5Gy40A91oVUU9NDDBR3ur2gIneEUz 51kOUhucCzpiht5A/7djAx6MYYOEUwjGNzjOs7tGcxCxz4+Rb2DbAXZ3Cew45ddh 1QsfL3588A0DTp7ccw7f4QwYveX/cquzia/MD8AtdrUSYFEPfkexEo540/VqMl8j aMJ8Uuca9GSnyXDk+ziwkzLg2DjTw+p+6IygNr2GLrXFH2LTAKRpz/SidyLArDsw 0sTFan0sdU3497rHX5Xc8yCyDY4sXCdQm3/er+TE+Z7V2dS99GuEysCAInIdvM1I Wupqaxw4A25YSmbRFVpR =EbAf -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----