tag namepinctrl-v3.17-1 (4ddeb9a87ea5d9a3973b6981b469591ac1a9e7ab)
tag date2014-08-07 12:02:41 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <>
tagged objectcommit e1ee5c578f...
This is the bulk pin control changes for the v3.17 merge
development cycle: - Get rid of the .disable() callback from the driver callback vtable. This callback was abused and counterintuitive since a pin or group of pins can be said to always be in some setting, and never really disabled. We now only enable a certain muxing, and move between some certain muxings, we never "disable" a mux setting. - Some janitorial moving the MSM, Samsung and Nomadik and drivers to their own subdirectories for a clearer view in the subsystem. This will continue. - Kill off the use of the return value from gpiochip_remove(), this will be done in parallel in the GPIO subsystem and hopefully not trigger too many unchecked return value warnings before we get rid of this altogether. - A huge set of changes and improvements to the Allwinner sunxi drivers especially for their latest A23 and A31 SoCs, and some ground work for the new sun8i platform family. - A large set of Rockchip driver improvements adding support for the RK3288 SoC. - Advances in migration of older Freescale platforms to pin control, especially i.MX1. - Samsung and Exynos improvements. - Support for the Qualcomm MSM8960 SoC. - Use the gpiolib irqchip helpers for the ST SPEAr and Intel Baytrail drivers. - A bunch of nice janitorial work done with cppcheck. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJT41HwAAoJEEEQszewGV1zVN0QAMJOJcsjYyHG+b/y0upJ5n1c tyPelyxKrpGUUTvTsO5LiqvoIfa2E/DrwXupRAC4zAXvb+x3TUGkiluK4Yxl5e56 AqjePnSydqqHiRZOK4Q06W7VwGUoxLltDmDPTcra+DAaijIeKUPMQE1MvcPxisMe IR7PZN58JYCG3ZV5yjwfBBxcRAm8KiiwHvQdBywPIGGvvmpy1X+U96U869nQgUH2 70lpJVPx75bhyAFk99bE9nAnroZeRR7mvijjf26ssyAFNqeJ0K7Xlom+NtpHdiw0 lsDKdBiAWVbZON/7Pc24gpHzhBoIYdA/6LxPA8Xz4QVFRmfxmNkZhuXZnZ7Dbuj2 xv9HtnjExqjZcfeNyUlO0iQDEQIUN/oPkaBS2G8DNZ/bmQqC8EzkIFh6F72KO1s2 7FU214LcuBYuAa3HvNLmgtjSkgou8tTMj58rnZ1XDr2mI9tzlrwI3i6ZrJZWKDur NIoRAcUZkFiMpXxqLbk4UXzDvuJgrzaFiQ2PkxTXAlC2DjXz+gXPzPIOSD5LTaHE k3WvZfuGK2iPoKeDHaLx2qEl9PoD5hz1JH3o+bgOKkRZG2gEJWd02JwhuPyRPLfc TeBgmdYS2t2MBS21VsqoObw8336oCHJu7tDAxTkAalLsZy9MV2WqThhZoYggZ/Rq yMqCr8vfd2pRVtwYe7Wc =t1pR -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----