BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfell-5.x.ylinux-toradex-mainline: uprev to get newest configMax Krummenacher3 days
jethrosystemd: split bbappend to only change bsp releated mountMax Krummenacher5 years
masterimage_type_tezi.bbclass: NXP license backupDenys Drozdov3 weeks
master-nextu-boot-distro-boot: disable MSI on Apalis iMX8Stefan Agner17 months
mortylinux-firmware: rework additional package splitsMax Krummenacher3 years
morty-nexttdx_version: increment morty version to 2.7b6Stefan Agner3 years
rockobackports: update to latestMax Krummenacher10 months
rocko-nexttdx_version: increment rocko version to 2.8.8Marcel Ziswiler10 months
thudbackports: update to latestMax Krummenacher5 months
thud-nextlinux-toradex-mainline: lock next to pre device tree reworkMarcel Ziswiler4 months
warrior-nextlayer.conf: Add warrior to compatible release seriesMing Liu2 years
zeuslinux-toradex-mainline: update to 5.4.61 and 5.4.61-rt37 respectivelyMax Krummenacher7 months