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machines: use thumb2 with meta-angstrom
Angstrom started using thumb2 on machines with armv7-a architectures. This commit removes our override to stay on arm instruction set, so if building our machines with the angstrom distribution you now get thumb2 builds.
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diff --git a/conf/machine/apalis-imx6.conf b/conf/machine/apalis-imx6.conf
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--- a/conf/machine/apalis-imx6.conf
+++ b/conf/machine/apalis-imx6.conf
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
#@SOC: i.MX6
#@DESCRIPTION: Machine configuration for Toradex Apalis iMX6 SOM
-DEFAULTTUNE_mx6 = "armv7ahf-neon"
+DEFAULTTUNE_mx6 = "armv7at2hf-neon"
include conf/machine/include/
include conf/machine/include/