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images: drop lxde-image, lxqt-image, qt5-x11-image
As no image uses firefox, stop touching the recipe. Thus this layer no longer depends on meta-browser. As no image uses lxde, stop touching the recipes. Thus this layer no longer depends on meta-lxde. Related-to: ELB-1284 Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
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-# Partner Distribution Configuration File
-# Author: Max Krummenacher <>
-# Make our developer support the default home page
-id=High performance, low power computing
-item.1.title=Toradex Homepage
-item.1.description=Lots of cool stuff
-item.2.title=Toradex Developer Ressources
-item.2.description=Lots of cool stuff
-item.3.title=First Cloud Demo
-item.3.description=Cloud Demo, Data from first Colibri Data Source
-item.4.title=Second Cloud Demo
-item.4.description=Cloud Demo, Data from second Colibri Data Source