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Updated release notes.
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@@ -4,18 +4,67 @@ Release Notes: Linux Image V2.x for Apalis iMX6
- U-Boot 2015.04 boot loader
-- Linux 3.10.17 kernel, based on Freescale's BSP release imx_3.10.17_1.0.2_ga
+- Linux 3.14.28 kernel, based on Freescale's BSP release imx_3.14.28_1.0.0_ga
and patches from Boundary Devices
-- Angstrom 2014.12/OpenEmbedded dizzy/Yocto 1.7 based root file system, using
+- Angstrom 2015.06/OpenEmbedded fido/Yocto 1.8 based root file system, using
LXDE desktop environment
-==> Flashing instructions can be found at the very bottom of this release notes
+==> Flashing instructions can be found on the Toradex developer article:
- proprietary multimedia codecs included for evaluation purpose only
- customer required to obtain proper re-distribution license
+Linux Image V2.5 Beta 2 (November 6, 2015)
+- U-Boot boot loader:
+ - add return code for cfgblock commands which allows scripting
+ - increase TFTP blocksize for better performance
+ - enable eMMC boot support commands (e.g. /dev/mmcblk0boot0)
+ - enabled zero bootdelay check (allows entering U-Boot when bootdelay is 0)
+ - move environment to the end of the eMMC boot area before the config block
+ - enable crc32 verify support
+- Linux kernel:
+ - migrate to Linux 3.14.28 kernel, based on Freescale's BSP release imx_3.14.28_1.0.0_ga
+ - add optional CSI camera support for OmniVision OV5640
+ - changed Fusion multi touch event reporting to adhere to multitouch slot
+- Linux user-space:
+ - updated to latest Angstrom 2015.06/OpenEmbedded fido:
+ - glibc 2.22
+ - systemd 219
+ - Xorg 1.16.1
+ - glibc: force memcpy_arm to improve memcpy performance
+ - fw_printenv/setenv: follow U-Boot environment move
+ - updated Vivante binary graphics/multimedia drivers (some gstreamer plugins changed their names)
+ - fix USB RNDIS operation (still racy due to networkd bug)
+- OpenEmbedded build system:
+ - local.conf: add Toradex source mirror as pre-mirror
+- Update scripts:
+ - Ethernet aka TFTP update: provide option to split rootfs output file
+ - delete intermediate files after use
+ - improved to use module type specific folders allowing update of
+ different modules with just one update media
+- sources tag Apalis_iMX6_LinuxImageV2.5Beta2_20151106
+ - repository linux-toradex branch toradex_imx_3.14.28_1.0.0_ga
+ - repository u-boot-toradex branch 2015.04-toradex
+Known Issues:
+- PCIe suspend/resume issue
+- USB RNDIS is racy due to networkd bug
+- missing RS-485 support
+- some USB Thumb drivers don't work well in U-Boot
+- USB hub on Evaluation Board not enabled in U-Boot
+- on first boot the resizing process adversely affects system performance for
+ the first few minutes until completed
+- Display resolution can be set for some output configurations, set the U-Boot
+ environment variable vidargs accordingly.
+- X uses only the fb0 device
+- Ethernet aka TFTP update requires manual splitting of the root.ext3 file
+ which can be taken care of by the -c argument of our script.
Linux Image V2.4 Beta 1 (May 18, 2015)
- U-Boot:
- update to U-Boot 2015.04
@@ -311,7 +360,6 @@ Working on latest image:
- eMMC ext3
- serial console debug UART1
- UART2, UART3 and UART4
- - optional RS485
- I2C via /dev/i2c-X
- 8-bit MMC card mmc1
- 4-bit SD card mmc2
@@ -358,6 +406,7 @@ Not working or not tested:
- Linux kernel
- IrDA
- RS-422
+ - optional RS485
- All UART control lines on V1.0 HW
- SIM card
- HDA audio IF on MXM connector (not possible with i.MX 6)
@@ -373,75 +422,7 @@ Not working or not tested:
- DSI output
-eMMC Boot: Apalis iMX6Q 1GB V1.0a (Sample), Apalis iMX6D 512MB V1.1a (Sample),
- Apalis iMX6Q 1GB V1.1a (Sample), Apalis iMX6Q 2GB IT V1.1a (Sample)
-Note: recompile U-Boot with apalis_imx6q2g config for Apalis iMX6Q 2GB IT V1.1a
-Initial Preparation:
-- download and extract Apalis_iMX6_LinuxImageVx.yz.tar.bz2 package with root
- permissions
-- use any VFAT formatted SD resp. micro SD card with at least 1000 MB of free
- space
-- run script with -o argument pointing to mount point of
- above mentioned card
-Flash eMMC:
-- EvalBoard V1.0a
- - depending on JP10/12 connect serial debug console to lower X28 or X29 using
- null modem RS-232 or regular USB cable
- - insert above prepared SD card into SD/MMC 8bit (X18) or SD/MMC 4bit (X19) socket
-- Ixora V1.0a
- - connect serial debug console to X22 using null modem RS-232 cable and a
- 10 pin IDC to 9 pin D-sub male connector. (DTK or Intel standard)
- - insert above prepared micro SD card into SD card socket (X10)
- - if you update from a V2.2 image either use an EvalBoard for update or use
- on Ixora the U-Boot command:
- setenv drive 2
- setenv setupdate 'fatload mmc ${drive}:1 ${loadaddr} flash_mmc.img; source ${loadaddr}'
- save
-- Boot to U-Boot prompt and start the update:
- - apply power or reset
- - hit any key to stop auto booting
- - use 'run setupdate' U-Boot command and then
- - use 'run update' U-Boot command
- for "Apalis iMX6Q 2GB IT V1.1a" use 'run update_it' instead
-- If you updated from an older image. (without a device tree)
- - power cycle or reset and hit any key to stop auto booting
- - use 'printenv' to get your current u-boot environment
- - use 'env default -a' to set the u-boot environment to its default value
- - optionally change the environment to your needs
- - use 'saveenv' to make the changes permanent
-- Update a single component
- - U-Boot
- use 'run setupdate' and then 'run update_uboot'
- for "Apalis iMX6Q 2GB IT V1.1a" use 'run update_uboot_it' instead
- - Kernel or Linux Device Tree
- use 'run setupdate' and then 'run update_kernel' or 'run update_fdt' respectively
-Boot from eMMC:
-- above given update command should automatically perform a soft re-boot upon successful completion
-- optionally power cycle
-- upon first boot post-install scripts are run which takes around 2 minutes,
- please be patient
-If the boot loader on the module got corrupted this recovers it by loading U-Boot
- over USB into the module's RAM and executing it there:
-- EvalBoard V1.0a
- - connect USB micro A/B (X49) or USB B (X50) to development workstation using
- micro or regular USB cable
- - connect serial debug console as stated above
-- Ixora V1.0a
- - connect USB micro A/B (X9) to development workstation using regular micro USB
- cable
- - make sure JP2 is removed and nothing is connected to the lower USB host port
- X8
- - for more information please consult Ixora datasheet section 3.3 and chapter 4
- - connect serial debug console as stated above
-- have the module in recovery mode and load U-Boot over USB to the module's RAM:
- - lsusb should show a 15a2:0054 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. device if
- the module is in recovery mode
- - run ./ -d
- - stop at the U-Boot prompt and begin the update as stated above
+Flashing instruction have been moved to the Toradex developer article:
-Toradex, May 22, 2015
+Toradex, November 6, 2015