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release notes: Colibri VF: add boot hang issue
Add boot hang issue to known bugs.
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@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ Known Issues:
- If the module does not boot remove all displays connected to HSYNC, VSYNC and reset.
(This has been observed on an Evaluation Board V2.1)
- Analogue audio is not working on the Colibri VF61
+- An input on UART_A during bootup can lead to a hang (stuck at "rtc-ds1307 0-0068: hctosys: unable to
+ read the hardware clock"). Make sure UART_A is connected before powering up and not written to.
Linux Image V2.1 Beta 2 (November 29, 2013)
@@ -258,4 +260,4 @@ Boot from SD Card:
- apply power or reset
- upon first boot post-install scripts are run which takes around 2 minutes, please be patient
-Toradex, March 18, 2014
+Toradex, March 20, 2014