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@@ -55,6 +55,9 @@ Known Issues:
- LP1 suspend might fail due to pending USB interrupts
- LP1 suspend might hang due to display controller issue
- partition resizing on first boot not working
+ Change the script /usr/sbin/ and then run the script to have
+ it work for you:
+ PART="mmcblk0p1" -> PART="mmcblk0p2"
- fw_setenv not working
- due to the flash_eth.img update script currently being broken please use the
SD card flashing method (e.g. flash_mmc.img) for now
@@ -536,4 +539,4 @@ If the boot loader on the module got corrupted this recovers it by loading U-Boo
- run ./ -d
- stop at the U-Boot prompt and begin the update as stated above
-Toradex, November 5, 2014
+Toradex, November 19, 2014