path: root/conf/layer.conf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-05layer.conf: add honister to compat layerMax Krummenacher
2021-03-23layer.conf: add hardknott, drop dunfell in compat layerMax Krummenacher
2020-10-17.conf: Make layer compatible only with dunfell and gatesgarthMax Krummenacher
2020-03-29layer.conf: follow changed meta-freescale-distro nameMax Krummenacher
2020-03-21layer.conf: add dunfell, drop warrior in compat layerMax Krummenacher
2020-01-09README/layer.conf: update for master and no longer required layersMax Krummenacher
2020-01-09images: drop lxde-image, lxqt-image, qt5-x11-imageMax Krummenacher
2019-10-23layer.conf: add zeus, drop thud from compatible layersMax Krummenacher
2019-10-22layer.conf: add warrior, drop sumo from compatible layersMax Krummenacher
2019-05-08images and helpers: drop qt4Max Krummenacher
2019-04-25conf/layer.conf: decrease layer priority to 24Max Krummenacher
2019-03-06distro: move from angstrom to a poky based distroMax Krummenacher
2019-03-06layer.conf: Add thud to LAYERSERIES_COMPATMax Krummenacher
2019-03-06layer: add LAYERSERIES_COMPATMax Krummenacher
2017-10-03qt5 toolchain: include python json module in the native sdkMax Krummenacher
2017-04-07layer.conf: add layer dependenciesMax Krummenacher
2016-09-28add layer.confMax Krummenacher