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2016-09-29recipes: stop using base_containsMax Krummenacher
2016-09-29systemd-compat-units: mv all systemd bbappends under recipes-coreMax Krummenacher
2016-09-28mklibs-native: drop in favour of newer oe-core oneMax Krummenacher
2016-03-30python: add a PACKAGECONFIG for _tkinterMax Krummenacher
2015-05-12recipes: replace short DESCRIPTION with SUMMARYMax Krummenacher
2015-02-12mmc-utils: add recipe for chromiumos version thereofMarcel Ziswiler
2014-08-04bbappends: remove the deprecated PRINC variableMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01systemd-compat-units: ensure that postinst is runMax Krummenacher
2013-09-22python-numpy: bbappend deleted, now fixed in openembedded layerMax Krummenacher
2013-02-06python-numpy: backport fix of changed python-native pathMax Krummenacher
2012-06-12- mklibs is no longer downloadable in the 0.1.33 version, upgrade to next ver...Max Krummenacher