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2015-10-28qt4-x11-free-systemd: change filenames for systemd serviceMax Krummenacher
qtdemo-init exists in another recipe for qte. When both recipes are built we get an error during sysroot deployment.
2015-05-12recipes: replace short DESCRIPTION with SUMMARYMax Krummenacher
The SUMMARY variable gives a short description of the package (<72 chars). A missing DESCRIPTION is automatically set to the content of SUMMARY. move init script to /usr/binStefan Agner
Due to the move to systemd, all init scripts located under /etc/init.d get deleted by the inherited systemd recipes ( Since we don't use the script as a system V init script, we can move the script to /usr/bin. Update after toplevel LICENSE file checksum changeMax Krummenacher
2013-09-22systemd: adapt to new systemd handlingMax Krummenacher
with the move from meta-openembedded to oe-core some things have changed, e.g. the config files have to explicitly installed
2013-03-27images: added a QT4 X11 imageMax Krummenacher
- bbappends to the base qt4-x11-free recipe to use OpenGL ES2 - script which starts X plus qtdemo, including a systemd service to activate script