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2016-09-28stress: mv all files into recipes-support/stressMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Acked-by: Stefan Agner <>
2016-09-28trdx-oak-sensors: mv all files into recipes-support/trdx-oak-sensorsMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Acked-by: Stefan Agner <>
2016-09-28gpioconfig: mv all files into recipes-support/gpioconfigMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Acked-by: Stefan Agner <>
2016-06-30florence: build without sound and drop gstreamer 0.10 dependencyMax Krummenacher
add configure options to build without sound. This removes the runtime dependency on gstreamer 0.10. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Acked-by: Marcel Ziswiler <>
2016-06-30florence: move to latest GTK2 version 0.5.4Stefan Agner
The latest GTK2 version is 0.5.4, which contains several bug fixes. Noteable, it fixes an issue where the SVG keys have not been displayed with recent versions of its dependencies. Note: This adds GStreamer 0.10 dependency... Signed-off-by: Stefan Agner <> Acked-by: Marcel Ziswiler <>
2016-03-14icu: upgrade reduced icu data to version 55Max Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Agner <>
2016-03-14florence bbappend: remove patches now applied in florence bbMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Agner <>
2015-08-07opencv: update patches for libav 10.x APIMax Krummenacher
2015-08-07icu: upgrade reduced icu data to version 54Max Krummenacher
2015-05-12florence: use oe standard download mirror for sourceforgeMax Krummenacher
2015-05-12opencv: add patches for libav 10.x APIMax Krummenacher
2015-05-12recipes: replace short DESCRIPTION with SUMMARYMax Krummenacher
The SUMMARY variable gives a short description of the package (<72 chars). A missing DESCRIPTION is automatically set to the content of SUMMARY.
2015-05-12i2ctools: don't install the perlscript and perlMax Krummenacher
Mechanism changed to what the bb file now offers.
2015-05-12icu: upgrade reduced icu data to version 53Max Krummenacher
While at it move version to % placeholder and use wildcards in receipe icu: use wildcard to be independent of version
2015-03-31gnutls: remove bbappendMax Krummenacher
gnutls recipe now detects pthread in configure task correctly.
2015-03-31FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend: add proper list separatorMax Krummenacher
2014-12-18mcc-pingpong: alter CFLAGS to use the actual kernel headersStefan Agner
To use the kernel interfaces required for mcc-pingpong we need the kernel headers of the actual kernel. Alter CFLAGS to add the kernel headers to the include path.
2014-12-11consolekit: add systemd to DEPENDS if neededMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04gnutls: hack to use libpthreadMax Krummenacher
gnutls use libgcrypt and should init gcrypt's mutex functionality but does not. This leads to asserts in libgcrypt: Ohhhh jeeee: Assertion `pool_is_locked' failed (random-csprng.c:615:mix_pool) This patch hacks autoconf to always use libpthread and thus initalizes libgcrypt with working mutex functions.
2014-08-04libpcre: Use generic bbappend versioningMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04bbappends: remove the deprecated PRINC variableMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04Use generic bbappend filesMax Krummenacher
This uses the % wildcard for recipe matching. remove the deprecated PRINC variable while at it.
2014-05-02mcc-pingpong: demo application for ping pong with Cortex M4Stefan Agner
2014-04-30icu: add break iterator support for webkitgtkStefan Agner
Webkitgtk needs break iterator support in order to work. This avoids segmentation fault when using Midori web browser.
2014-04-04icu: update to match bb versionMax Krummenacher
2014-03-31icu: is machine specific for colibri-vfMax Krummenacher
For colibri-vf we deploy icu only partly to save diskspace, so set the PACKAGE_ARCH for that machine.
2013-11-21Machine: use the changed machinename colibri-vfMax Krummenacher
2013-10-16icu: fix SRC_URIMax Krummenacher
2013-10-11icu: replace database with minimzed versionMax Krummenacher
2013-10-09i2c-tools: don't install the perl scripts (and thus don't RDEPEND on perl)Max Krummenacher
2013-09-22florence: RDEPEND on svg support to draw iconMax Krummenacher
2013-09-22libfm: bbappend updated to 1.1Max Krummenacher
2013-09-22libpcre: bbappend update to 8.32Max Krummenacher
2013-04-02florence: fix garbled titlebarMax Krummenacher
2013-02-06libfm: set lxterminal as the terminal applicationMax Krummenacher
2012-10-18libvpx, version update in oe-coreMax Krummenacher
2012-08-27nautilus depends on gobject-introspection-nativeMax Krummenacher
libpcre splits into libpcre-*, use packages-dynamic so we can put them into an image rename bbappend because coresponding bb does not exist