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2016-09-28base-files: mv all files into recipes-core/base-filesMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <> Acked-by: Stefan Agner <>
2016-06-30base-files: transition search domain from to toradex.netMarcel Ziswiler
Signed-off-by: Marcel Ziswiler <> Acked-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2015-08-07fstab: synchronize with oe-coreMax Krummenacher
2015-07-01base-files: execute resize only on a serial consoleMax Krummenacher
The resize command confuses Eclipse's launcher. On a ssh console resize isn't needed anyway so only start it if the console device starts with /dev/tty to work around the issue.
2015-06-16base-files/u-boot-toradex-fw-utils: move MMC unlockStefan Agner
The mmc unlock function causes troubles when using Poky reference distribution since Poky uses the busybox shell: /etc/rc5.d/S09xserver-nodm: /etc/profile.d/ line 2: syntax error: unexpected "(" This avoids X getting at all. This patch does not solve the underlying problem, but works around it by moving the script to the u-boot-toradex-fw-utils recipe, which is not installed by the Poky images by default.
2015-05-12base-files: resize console automatic upon loginStefan Agner
Use the resize command to set the size of the terminal once upon login. This is useful for serial console, where the default Unix signal which takes care of resizing the console (SIGWINCH) is not available.
2015-05-12base-files: consolidate fstab/profileStefan Agner
There are no more differences in fstab between machines, hence use the same common file. The default profile has some differences, however we can seperate them out and create a file which will be installed in profile.d. missing
2015-05-12recipes: don't use ${PN} as a recipe name placeholderMax Krummenacher
${PN} might be extended with some magic prefix, so don't use it in SRC_URI assignments et. al.
2014-11-13apalis/colibri_t30: fix fw_setenvMarcel Ziswiler
2014-10-06colibri-imx6: add machine specific config filesMax Krummenacher
2014-08-04base-files: use /dev/root in /etc/fstab for systemd supportMax Krummenacher
follow openembedded-core commit c509f948d9c575c45af8c5ed1cb1692c0ca5dade systemd does not recognize "rootfs" in /etc/fstab so the root filesystem is not checked. As a result, the following message is logged by journalctl: systemd-fstab-generator[68]: Checking was requested for "rootfs", but it is not a device Changing "rootfs" to "/dev/root" in /etc/fstab allows systemd to check the root filesystem when the kernel is booted with the root filesystem mounted read-only.
2014-08-04bbappends: remove the deprecated PRINC variableMax Krummenacher
2014-04-01base-files: add iMX6 specific filesMax Krummenacher
2013-11-21Machine: use the changed machinename colibri-vfMax Krummenacher
2013-10-17inputrc: use <HOME> <END> to go to begin/end of lineMax Krummenacher
2013-10-10colibri-vf50: add the machine, kernel and u-bootMax Krummenacher
- also add the relevant configuration files
2013-01-29base-files: add Apalis-T30Max Krummenacher
2012-10-18Set a default nameserverMax Krummenacher
2012-08-15L4T R15, oe-core Image V2.0Beta1Max Krummenacher
2012-07-21set DISPLAY=:0.0Max Krummenacher
2012-06-03Initial commitMax Krummenacher