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2020-03-12apalis-imx8.conf: deploy additional device treesMax Krummenacher
Related-to: ELB-1254 Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2020-03-12machines: move imx wayland/weston version setting to distro layerMax Krummenacher
Thus they are stored in one place and also apply to i.MX6/i.MX7 machines should one build them for wayland/weston. Related-to: ELB-2303 Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2020-01-14meta:mx8: add UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT and UBOOT_RD_LOADADDRESSMing Liu
Add UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT and UBOOT_RD_LOADADDRESS which are needed by fitimage. Signed-off-by: Ming Liu <>
2020-01-13meta: drop do_image_teziimg dependenciesMing Liu
That's already handled by WKS_FILE_DEPENDS, drop the redundant dependencies. Signed-off-by: Ming Liu <>
2019-11-29machines: unify name and descriptionMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-10-29Revert "machine: apalis-imx8: use newer devicetree only for use-head-next"Philippe Schenker
This reverts commit e3e5aba1c725ad3ff4daf128ad525625923a653d.
2019-10-06apalis-imx8.conf: drop UBOOT_MAKE_TARGET definitionMing Liu
The UBOOT_MAKE_TARGET is being overridden in by UBOOT_MAKE_TARGET_mx8, so the setting here is useless. Signed-off-by: Ming Liu <>
2019-10-02machine: apalis-imx8: use newer devicetree only for use-head-nextPhilippe Schenker
This commit makes sure the new devicetree naming is only used when use-head-next is given in local.conf. This is necessary so one is able to build thud-next without use-head-next. Signed-off-by: Philippe Schenker <>
2019-10-01machine: apalis-imx8: use new devicetree name fsl-imx8qm-apalis-eval.dtbPhilippe Schenker
Signed-off-by: Philippe Schenker <>
2019-09-19machines: specifiy rt kernelMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-08-27meta: drop useless EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDSMing Liu
For the recipes listed in EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS, bitbake would create a dependency as: | image_pn:do_image_complete -> imagedepends_pn:do_populate_sysroot but we actually need a image task depend on the deploy tasks of EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS recipes, setting EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS would not help with that, so drop it, use WKS_FILE_DEPENDS instead. Signed-off-by: Ming Liu <>
2019-07-22machines: deploy a distro boot scriptMax Krummenacher
This depends on and deploys the distro boot script provided by u-boot-distro-boot. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-07-10u-boot-fw-utils: choose flavour though prefered providerMax Krummenacher
This allows to use u-boot-fw-utils in image recipes. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-07-10apalis-imx8: prefer u-boot 2018.03Max Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-07-02apalis-imx8: add additional product numbersMax Krummenacher
Add the product numbers of additional Apalis iMX8 SKUs. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-06-21apalis-imx8.conf: drop support for a0 siliconMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-06-21apalis-imx8.conf: simplify imxboot targetMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-05-29apalis-imx8/colibri-imx8qxp: drop ttyAMA1 from SERIAL_CONSOLESStefan Agner
The device ttyAMA1 stems from ARM AMBA pl011 driver. On i.MX 8 we do not have such an IP, hence this device does not exist. The variable assignment and comment has been copied from NXP machines and they seem to have copied it from other machines. Signed-off-by: Stefan Agner <>
2019-05-22apalis-imx8.conf: add hdmi fw also to tezi imagesMax Krummenacher
Use the now available MACHINE_BOOT_FILES variable to deploy the HDMI firmware into the boot partition. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-05-21apalis-imx8.conf: install sha384sum nativeMax Krummenacher
imx-boot needs that, but it is currently only added to the host tools if building for i.MX8X. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-05-20machines: provide a machine name stringMax Krummenacher
Provide the MACHINE_NAME variable which can be e.g. used as part of the image name. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-05-20apalis-imx8: add Tezi supportStefan Agner
Add information required to build a Toradex Easy Installer image. Only support the main SKU Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB Wi-Fi / BT IT for now since we do not know yet if the other SKU's need a special device tree or other adjustments. Signed-off-by: Stefan Agner <>
2019-05-14machines: use mainline u-bootMax Krummenacher
Use for all Toradex machines exept apalis-imx8 a mainline based U-Boot. (For the i.MX8QM mainline is not yet able to boot the kernel) Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-05-13imx: update to 4.14.78_1.0.0_ga bspMax Krummenacher
Update the components which NXP forked or provides to the version used in the 4.14.78_1.0.0_ga BSP. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-05-13machines: drop unused variablesMax Krummenacher
Variables are not used only in the NXP BSP. Also the _mx8 overrides are unneeded. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-04-30machines: mx8: deploy vpu firmwareMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-04-30machines: switch to serial_consoles oe variableMax Krummenacher
SERIAL_CONSOLE has been deprecated for a while now (see [1]) and is replaced by SERIAL_CONSOLES. [1]: Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-04-24apalis-imx8.conf: deploy hdmi fwMax Krummenacher
With the change to wic the used oe variable names changed. Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>
2019-04-23apalis-imx8: add machine config filesMax Krummenacher
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <>