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@@ -13,23 +13,16 @@ Dependencies
This layer depends on:
URI: git://
- branch: 1.36
+ branch: 1.40
revision: HEAD
URI: git://
- layers: meta
- branch: rocko
+ layer: meta
+ branch: thud
revision: HEAD
URI: git://
- branch: rocko
- revision: HEAD
-If used for the TK1 based machine apalis-tk1 the following is additonally
- URI:
- branch: morty, (currently we use morty!)
+ branch: thud
revision: HEAD
@@ -72,4 +65,4 @@ All metadata is MIT licensed unless otherwise stated. Source code and
binaries included in tree for individual recipes is under the LICENSE
stated in each recipe (.bb file) unless otherwise stated.
-This README document is Copyright (C) 2016 Toradex AG.
+This README document is Copyright (C) 2016-2020 Toradex AG.