AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-03u-boot-toradex-tk1: use python3 for buildMax Krummenacher
2020-01-28linux-toradex-mainline: update to 4.14.168Max Krummenacher
2020-01-28apalis-tk1: move install of the x11 driversMax Krummenacher use python3 for buildMax Krummenacher
2019-12-31linux kernel & u-boot recipes: update to latestMarcel Ziswiler
2019-12-18linux-toradex-mainline: use new versioningStefan Agner
2019-12-18linux-toradex: use new versioningStefan Agner
2019-12-18u-boot-toradex: use new versioningStefan Agner put python2 from python-native in the pathMax Krummenacher
2019-12-15u-boot: make u-boot*.inc file uniqueMax Krummenacher
2019-11-21linux-toradex-mainline: update to latest 4.14.155Max Krummenacher
2019-11-02linux-toradex-mainline: update to latest 4.14.151Marcel Ziswiler
2019-10-26perf: remove scripting from configurationMax Krummenacher
2019-10-26linux-toradex-mainline: allow perf scripting with python3Max Krummenacher
2019-10-23layer.conf: add zeus, drop thud from compatible layersMax Krummenacher
2019-10-22README: rework for master branchesMax Krummenacher
2019-10-17linux-driver-package: fix libglx deploymentMax Krummenacher
2019-10-17xserver-xorg_1.17.4: merge bbappendMax Krummenacher
2019-09-29linux-driver-package, mesa: rework the recipeMax Krummenacher
2019-09-29linux-driver-package: merge our bbappendMax Krummenacher
2019-09-29perf: limit bbappend to apalis-tk1Max Krummenacher
2019-09-29libgstomx-0.10: remove recipeMax Krummenacher
2019-09-14mesa: rework pkgconfig patch to mesonMax Krummenacher
2019-09-14xserver-xorg: Backport patch to remove using sys/io.hMax Krummenacher
2019-09-14linux-driver-package: add additional rdepsMax Krummenacher
2019-09-13eglinfo: drop bbappend, as the recipe has been droppedMax Krummenacher
2019-09-13layer.conf: add warrior, drop sumo from compatible layersMax Krummenacher
2019-09-13linux-driver-package: no longer deploy gstreamer 0.10 based filesMax Krummenacher
2019-09-07linux-toradex-mainline: fix a inconsistent indentionMing Liu
2019-09-07linux: drop linux-toradex-mainline.incMing Liu
2019-08-26apalis-tk1-mainline: pin kernel version to 4.14Apalis-TK1_Console-Image_3.0b2.65-20190830Apalis-TK1-Mainline_Console-Image_3.0b2.65-20190830Max Krummenacher
2019-08-26linux kernel & u-boot recipes: update to latestMax Krummenacher
2019-08-20tdx-k20-fw: drop a invalid license settingMing Liu
2019-08-20meta: drop useless EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDSMing Liu
2019-08-16apalis-tk1: linux-toradex: load module xhci-hcd on bootPhilippe Schenker
2019-08-16linux-driver-package: move firmware where gk20a expects it to bePhilippe Schenker
2019-08-16linux-driver-package: Fix nv and nvfb services to be enabledPhilippe Schenker
2019-07-22apalis-tk1: machines: deploy a distro boot scriptMax Krummenacher
2019-07-22linux-driver-package: fix commit rework to allow building for SysVMax Krummenacher
2019-07-11apalis-tk1: enable wic.bmap image generation as defaultMax Krummenacher
2019-07-11linux-toradex_3.10.40: add cflags for kernel modulesMax Krummenacher
2019-07-10u-boot-fw-utils: choose flavour though prefered providerMax Krummenacher
2019-07-10u-boot-toradex: update to 2019.07 basedMax Krummenacher
2019-05-19machines: provide a machine name stringMax Krummenacher
2019-05-04apalis-tk1: unconditionally install linux-driver-packageMax Krummenacher
2019-05-04linux-driver-package: fix do rootfsMax Krummenacher
2019-05-04mesa: cleanup after removal of meta-jetson-tk1Max Krummenacher
2019-05-02weston: drop support for weston 1.xGerard Salvatella
2019-04-25conf/layer.conf: decrease layer priority to 22Max Krummenacher
2019-04-24apalis-tk1-mainline: fix checksumsMarcel Ziswiler