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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-18Azure/GitLab: Move to latest Docker imageTom Rini
2020-06-02Azure: Add 'tools-only' build for macOS X hostsTom Rini
2020-05-19Nokia RX-51: Add automated test for running RX-51 build in qemuPali Rohár
2020-04-27Azure/GitLab: Switch over to using LLVM-10Tom Rini
2020-04-27Azure/GitLab: Update to latest Docker imageTom Rini
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Run cppcheck in parallelSimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Drop repeated buildman call with test.pySimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Simplify the exit code for test.pySimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Enable test_handoffSimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Use -W to avoid warnings checkSimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Use bash to avoid a_test_which_does_not_existSimon Glass
2020-04-10gitlab/azure: Use -w flag for all buildsSimon Glass
2020-04-10gitlab/azure: Drop unnecessary when using test.pySimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Drop the buildman -d flagSimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Drop BUILDMAN variable with test.pySimon Glass
2020-04-10travis/gitlab/azure: Use --board buildman flag with test.pySimon Glass
2020-04-10gitlab/azure: Use the -w option for sandbox_splSimon Glass
2020-04-10azure/gitlab/travis: Add RISC-V SPL testingBin Meng
2020-04-10azure/gitlab/travis: Add qemu-riscv32 testingBin Meng
2020-04-10Azure/GitLab: Move to latest Docker imagesTom Rini
2020-04-07Merge tag 'xilinx-for-v2020.07' of Rini
2020-04-06ARM: zynq: Switch to single zynq configurationsMichal Simek
2020-03-16Azure / GitLab / Travis: Add Kconfig unit tests to a jobTom Rini
2020-03-09Azure/Travis: Re-sync jobs and clarify exclusionsTom Rini
2020-02-25azure: build HTML documentationHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-02-24Azure / GitLab: Update Docker imageTom Rini
2020-02-13travis/gitlab/azure: Ensure we use python3 alwaysTom Rini
2020-02-07azure/gitlab: Update to Docker to have SDL2 availableTom Rini
2020-02-07azure: Use our own GRUB binariesTom Rini
2020-02-04azure: Move to vs2017-win2016 platform build hostTom Rini
2020-01-20gitlab/azure: Update to latest container tagTom Rini
2020-01-10gitlab/azure: Update to latest containerTom Rini
2019-11-23travis: rework NXP layerscape jobsHeiko Schocher
2019-11-06gitlab/azure: Enable LLVM testsTom Rini
2019-11-01azure: Update the script to prepend PATH not override PATHTom Rini
2019-10-31azure: Update for python3 and current pytestTom Rini
2019-10-29Bring all testings in gitlab and travis CI to Azure PipelinesBin Meng
2019-10-28Add Microsoft Azure Pipelines configurationBin Meng