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2016-11-06travis-ci: Try harder to build all ARM targetsTom Rini
2016-10-31travis.yml: Add in uniphier as a job, modify aarch64 builds a bitTom Rini
2016-10-29travis-ci: build Tegra boardsStephen Warren
2016-10-29travis-ci: compile with buildman when running test/pyStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: don't invoke exit on successStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: use buildman -P everywhereStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: centralize ~/.buildman editingStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: use correct exit code on errorsStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: Use = not : when writing ~/.buildmanStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: remove duplicate buildStephen Warren
2016-10-28travis-ci: set env vars to name jobsStephen Warren
2016-10-24travis-ci: Add for various qemu platformsTom Rini
2016-10-24travis-ci: Drop 'TEST_CMD'Tom Rini
2016-10-24travis-ci: Add more architecturesTom Rini
2016-10-24travis-ci: Update toolchain and buildman usageTom Rini
2016-10-24travis-ci: Do not make buildman warnings fatalTom Rini
2016-10-24travis-ci: Use a git URI for dtc.gitTom Rini
2016-10-24travis-ci: Switch to Ubuntu 14.04 'Trusty Tahr'Tom Rini
2016-02-15Enable test/py for sandbox in Travis CIStephen Warren
2016-02-08.travis.yml: explicitly request sudoStephen Warren
2016-02-01.travis.yml: rework according to new travis-ci infraRoger Meier
2015-03-17travis.yml: add more targets to build on travisHeiko Schocher
2015-03-05travis.yml: some adaptionsHeiko Schocher
2015-02-16.travis.yml: remove 824x buildsHeiko Schocher
2015-01-14.travis.yml: build u-boot on travis-ciMeier, Roger