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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-22envtools: make sure version/timestamp header file are availableStefan Agner
2017-01-11imx: add u-boot-nand.imx targetStefan Agner
2016-11-14Prepare v2016.11v2016.11Tom Rini
2016-10-31Prepare v2016.11-rc3Tom Rini
2016-10-30sunxi: Rename CONFIG_SUNXI to CONFIG_ARCH_SUNXIJagan Teki
2016-10-17Prepare v2016.11-rc2Tom Rini
2016-10-08Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini
2016-10-07kbuild: generate u-boot.cfg as a byproduct of include/autoconf.mkMasahiro Yamada
2016-10-07kbuild: move no_new_adhoc_configs_check to "all" target commandMasahiro Yamada
2016-10-06tools: mkimage: add support for Vybrid image formatAlbert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\)
2016-10-03Prepare v2016.11-rc1Tom Rini
2016-09-26Merge git:// Rini
2016-09-22Makefile: rm u-boot.cfg dependencies are missingStephen Warren
2016-09-22Makefile: use if_change_dep for u-boot.cfgStephen Warren
2016-09-16Makefile: Give a build error if ad-hoc CONFIG options are addedSimon Glass
2016-09-14driver/ddr/fsl: Add general MMDC driver and reuse common MMDC driver for ls1012aShengzhou Liu
2016-09-12Prepare v2016.09Tom Rini
2016-08-22Prepare v2016.09-rc2Tom Rini
2016-08-20Makefile: Remove tags file on mrproperVignesh R
2016-08-20tests: Introduce DT overlay testsMaxime Ripard
2016-08-15xtensa: add support for the xtensa processor architecture [1/2]Chris Zankel
2016-08-05Makefile: Allow 'make tests' to run testsSimon Glass
2016-07-27Add a power domain framework/uclassStephen Warren
2016-07-25Prepare v2016.09-rc1Tom Rini
2016-07-15Merge git:// Rini
2016-07-14dm: Makefile: Build of-platdata before SPLSimon Glass
2016-07-14sandbox: Don't print a warning for CONFIG_I2C_COMPATSimon Glass
2016-07-14tools: Allow building with debug enabledSimon Glass
2016-07-11Prepare v2016.07Tom Rini
2016-07-01Prepare v2016.07-rc3Tom Rini
2016-06-24kbuild: avoid race between dtbs and dt/dt.dtb targetsMasahiro Yamada
2016-06-24Use C locale when setting CC_VERSION_STRING and LD_VERSION_STRING.Vagrant Cascadian
2016-06-20Prepare v2016.07-rc2Tom Rini
2016-06-06Prepare v2016.07-rc1Tom Rini
2016-05-27Remove/update old generic-board documentation and warningSimon Glass
2016-05-23acpi: Clean IASL generated intermediate filesBin Meng
2016-05-16Prepare v2016.05Tom Rini
2016-05-02mkimage: fix argument parsing on BSD systemsAndreas BieƟmann
2016-04-25Prepare v2016.05-rc3Tom Rini
2016-04-21Prepare v2016.05-rc2Tom Rini
2016-04-11Prepare v2016.05-rc1v2016.05-rc1Tom Rini
2016-04-10drivers:usb:common:fsl-dt-fixup: Move device-tree fixup framework to common fileSriram Dash
2016-03-22cmd: Fix license commandTom Rini
2016-03-17x86: Add support for running Intel reference codeSimon Glass
2016-03-14spl: Add a way to specify a list of device trees to includeSimon Glass
2016-03-14Prepare v2016.03v2016.03Tom Rini
2016-02-29Prepare v2016.03-rc3v2016.03-rc3Tom Rini
2016-02-15Prepare v2016.03-rc2v2016.03-rc2Tom Rini
2016-02-15Makefile: generate symbol list from u-bootStephen Warren
2016-02-15Makefile: remove BUILD_TAG from KBUILD_CFLAGSStephen Warren