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2016-10-31README: fix typo candiate -> candidateJelle van der Waa
2016-10-31cosmetic: Fix indentation in READMEAlexander von Gernler
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_INFO_QUIET to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_OVERWRITE_ROUTINE to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_ENV_OVERWRITE to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_CONSOLE_SCROLL_LINES to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23video: Drop the sed13806 driverSimon Glass
2016-10-23video: Drop the smiLynxEM driverSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_BG_COL et al to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_VIDEO_CT69000 to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_CFB_CONSOLE_ANSI to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_CFB_CONSOLE to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_IS_IN_ENV and CONFIG_CONSOLE_MUX to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONFIG_VIDEO to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert CONSOLE_PRE_CONSOLE_BUFFER options to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-23Convert SILENT_CONSOLE options to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-10-06PWM: Correct misspellings of "module" in context of PWMRobert P. J. Day
2016-10-06README: Drop CONFIG_SYS_USE_OSCCLKSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: i2c: Drop unused i2c CONFIG optionsSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: sh: Drop CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SH_BASE5Simon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop CONFIG_SYS_USB_BRG_CLKSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop CONFIG_LAN91C96_BASESimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop CONFIG_OF_BOOT_CPUSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop unused CONFIG_SYS_LS_MC_FW_... optionsSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop unused JFFS2 optionsSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Correct CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET_RENDUND typoSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop CONFIG_COGENT and related optionsSimon Glass
2016-10-06README: Drop old Intel Monahans commentSimon Glass
2016-10-01fastboot: move FASTBOOT_FLASH options into KconfigPetr Kulhavy
2016-10-01fastboot: add support for writing MBRPetr Kulhavy
2016-09-26Merge git:// Rini
2016-09-16Kconfig: spl: Add SPL support options to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-09-14armv8: ls2080a: Remove debug server supportYork Sun
2016-09-06README: add cmd directory descriptionXu Ziyuan
2016-07-31Drop references to MAKEALL in the documentationSimon Glass
2016-07-27Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini
2016-07-22fixing typo error in README file. CPU15 -> CP15yeongjun Kim
2016-07-22spl: Lightweight UBI and UBI fastmap supportThomas Gleixner
2016-07-19Merge git:// Rini
2016-07-16Various, unrelated tree-wide typo fixes.Robert P. J. Day
2016-07-15armv8: Move secure_ram variable out of generic global dataYork Sun
2016-07-14README: Remove CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN commentSimon Glass
2016-07-11video: allow version string to be optional when using LOGOTim Harvey
2016-07-01doc: bootdelay: drop explanation about CONFIG_BOOTDELAY from READMEMasahiro Yamada
2016-06-12arm: Allow skipping of low-level init with I-cache onSimon Glass
2016-05-27Remove/update old generic-board documentation and warningSimon Glass
2016-05-20cmd: eeprom: add support for layout aware commandsNikita Kiryanov
2016-05-17Merge git:// Rini
2016-05-17dm: scsi: Rename CONFIG_CMD_SCSI to CONFIG_SCSISimon Glass