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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-02riscv: sbi: Add newline to error messageSean Anderson
2020-06-28splash: Fix build warning on 64 bits CPUYe Li
2020-06-04sifive: fu540: Add U-Boot proper sector startJagan Teki
2020-06-02image: android: fix abootimg supportChristian Gmeiner
2020-05-31spl: add fixed memory node in target fdt also when loading ATFHeiko Stuebner
2020-05-20Merge Rini
2020-05-19board_r: Detect ifc-nor flash at run-timePankit Garg
2020-05-18common: Drop linux/bitops.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop linux/delay.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop linux/bug.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop asm/ptrace.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop log.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18Fix some checkpatch warnings in calls to debug()Simon Glass
2020-05-18command: Remove the cmd_tbl_t typedefSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop init.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop image.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop bootstage.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18bootstage: Use BOOTSTAGE instead of BOOTSTATESimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop part.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18part: Drop disk_partition_t typedefSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop net.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop flash.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18flash: Tidy up coding style for flash functionsSimon Glass
2020-05-15board_r: Introduce CONFIG_PCI_INIT_R Kconfig optionOvidiu Panait
2020-05-15board_r: env: Use IS_ENABLED() instead of #ifdefsOvidiu Panait
2020-05-15common/board_f: avoid -Wtype-limits warningHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-05-15spl: Always define preloader_console_initSamuel Holland
2020-05-15rename symbol: CONFIG_TEGRA -> CONFIG_ARCH_TEGRATrevor Woerner
2020-05-10Merge branch 'master' of git:// Babic
2020-05-07menu: add support for client defined statusline functionThirupathaiah Annapureddy
2020-05-04Merge tag 'u-boot-imx-20200502' of Rini
2020-05-03common: board_f: Use cpu_get_current_dev in print_cpuinfoYe Li
2020-05-03spl: sdp: Add DM gadget support for sdpSherry Sun
2020-05-03spl: sdp: Add a callback to clean up USB driverYe Li
2020-05-03spl: sdp: Add CONFIG_SPL_SDP_USB_DEV for USB deviceYe Li
2020-05-03spl: sdp: call board_usb_init at spl_sdp_load_imageFrank Li
2020-05-01Revert "imx: Introduce CONFIG_SPL_FORCE_MMC_BOOT to force MMC boot on falcon ...Harald Seiler
2020-05-01common/board_r: Drop initr_bedbug wrapperOvidiu Panait
2020-05-01common/board_r: arm: Merge initr_enable_interrupts into interrupts_initOvidiu Panait
2020-05-01malloc: dlmalloc: add an ability for the malloc to be re-init/init multiple t...Marek Bykowski
2020-05-01rsa: sig: fix config signature check for fit with paddingPhilippe Reynes
2020-05-01hush: avoid NULL check before free()Heinrich Schuchardt
2020-04-28Merge tag 'dm-pull-27apr20' of git:// Rini
2020-04-27spl: spl_legacy: Add lzma decompression support for legacy imageWeijie Gao
2020-04-27spl: spl_nor: Remove unused variable 'ret' warningStefan Roese
2020-04-27spl: spl_nor: Move legacy image loading into spl_legacy.cStefan Roese
2020-04-27spl: spl_legacy: Use IS_ENABLED() to remove #ifdefStefan Roese
2020-04-27spl: Extract legacy image handling into separate fileStefan Roese
2020-04-26log: remove useless castHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-04-26libfdt: split fdt_region declarations out to <fdt_region.h>Masahiro Yamada