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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-31disk: part: align buffer so it can be used with DMA enabled driversStefan Agner
2016-10-01disk: part: refactor generic name creation for DOS and ISOPetr Kulhavy
2016-10-01fastboot: add support for writing MBRPetr Kulhavy
2016-10-01disk: part: implement generic function part_get_info_by_name()Petr Kulhavy
2016-08-05cmd: gpt: fix the wrong size parse for the last partitionKever Yang
2016-07-25part_efi: Fix compiler warning on 32-bit sandboxSimon Glass
2016-07-22iso: Fix part info commandAlexander Graf
2016-05-27disk: part_efi: fix check of the max partition sizePatrick Delaunay
2016-05-17dm: blk: Use the correct error code for blk_get_device_by_str()Simon Glass
2016-05-17dm: part: Drop the block_drvr tableSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: part: Use the legacy block driver for hardware partition supportSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: sandbox: Drop the host_get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: systemace: Drop the get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: sata: Drop the get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: scsi: Drop the get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: mmc: Drop the get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: ide: Drop the get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: usb: Drop the get_dev() functionSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: disk: Use legacy block driver info for block device accessSimon Glass
2016-05-17dm: scsi: Rename CONFIG_CMD_SCSI to CONFIG_SCSISimon Glass
2016-04-18iso: Allow 512 byte sector sizeAlexander Graf
2016-04-18iso: Start with partition 1Alexander Graf
2016-04-18iso: Make little endian and 64bit safeAlexander Graf
2016-04-14dm: part: fix missing driver name in debug printNishanth Menon
2016-04-01drivers: block: add block device cacheEric Nelson
2016-03-22part_efi: Drop NULL check in part_get_info_efi()Simon Glass
2016-03-22part_efi: Drop the NULL check on dev_desc in part_print_efi()Simon Glass
2016-03-22part_iso: Drop the customer unaligned access functionsSimon Glass
2016-03-15disk/part.c: Expose list of available block driversAlexander Graf
2016-03-14part: Rename test_part_xx() and print_part_xx()Simon Glass
2016-03-14dm: block: Adjust device calls to go through helpers functionSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: block: Rename device number member dev to devnumSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: part: Rename some partition functionsSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: part: Convert partition API use to linker listsSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: part: Add a cast to avoid a compiler warningSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: blk: Rename get_device_and_partition()Simon Glass
2016-03-14dm: blk: Rename get_device() to blk_get_device_by_str()Simon Glass
2016-03-14dm: blk: Rename get_dev() to blk_get_dev()Simon Glass
2016-03-14dm: part: Correct a sandbox build warningSimon Glass
2016-03-14dm: Drop the block_dev_desc_t typedefSimon Glass
2016-01-20mmc: emmc and hw partitions partition table id bugfix.Erik Tideman
2016-01-14Fix GCC format-security errors and convert sprintfs.Ben Whitten
2016-01-13block: pass block dev not num to read/write/erase()Stephen Warren
2016-01-13part_dos.c: Don't wrap to negative after 2G sectorsStefan Monnier
2015-11-23part:efi: add bootable parameter in gpt commandPatrick Delaunay
2015-11-23gpt: part: Definition and declaration of GPT verification functionsLukasz Majewski
2015-11-12uuid: add selection by string for known partition type GUIDPatrick Delaunay
2015-11-12gpt: add optional parameter type in gpt commandPatrick Delaunay
2015-10-24ubifs: Add generic fs supportHans de Goede
2015-10-24disk/part: Only build hostfs special handling when CONFIG_SANDBOX is setHans de Goede