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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-15env: Kconfig: cosmetics: update comment for SYS_RELOC_GD_ENV_ADDRPatrick Delaunay
2020-06-01env: sf: Free the old env_flashJagan Teki
2020-05-25env: Convert ENV_ACCESS_IGNORE_FORCE to KconfigMarek Vasut
2020-05-18common: Drop linux/bitops.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop linux/bug.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop log.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop bootstage.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop part.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18part: Drop disk_partition_t typedefSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop net.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop flash.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-15env: Convert CONFIG_DELAY_ENVIRONMENT to KconfigOvidiu Panait
2020-05-08env/sf.c: honour CONFIG_SPL_SAVEENVRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-24env/sf.c: drop private CMD_SAVEENV logicRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-24env/ext4.c: remove CONFIG_CMD_SAVEENV ifdefRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-24env/fat.c: remove private CMD_SAVEENV logicRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-24env: add SAVEENV as an alias of the CMD_SAVEENV symbolRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-24make env_entry::callback conditional on !CONFIG_SPL_BUILDRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-24env: remove callback.o for an SPL buildRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-17env: make file-scope env_ptr variables staticRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-06env: Make mmc as default option for CONFIG_ENV_FAT_INTERFACEMichal Simek
2020-04-06env: Kconfig: Adding default values for MicroblazeVaralaxmi Bingi
2020-03-09env: Update env_addr for mmc environment driverPankit Garg
2020-01-30env: Enable SPI flash env for rockchipJagan Teki
2020-01-30env: kconfig: Restrict rockchip env for MMCJagan Teki
2020-01-22env: another attempt at fixing SPL build failuresRasmus Villemoes
2020-01-17common: Move flash_perror() to flash.hSimon Glass
2019-12-04mtd: ensure UBI is compiled when ENV_IS_IN_UBI is selectedMiquel Raynal
2019-12-02common: Move old EEPROM functions into a new headerSimon Glass
2019-12-02common: Move sorting functions to their own header fileSimon Glass
2019-12-02crc32: Use the crc.h header for crc functionsSimon Glass
2019-11-20env: Finish migration of common ENV optionsTom Rini
2019-11-20env: Remove useless CONFIG_ENV_SIZE_REDUND and fix ENV_IS_REDUND checkTom Rini
2019-11-20env: Add CONFIG_SYS_RELOC_GD_ENV_ADDR symbolTom Rini
2019-11-12defconfigs: Migrate CONFIG_SYS_REDUNDAND_ENVIRONMENTTom Rini
2019-10-16ubi: env: fix redundand managementPhilippe Reynes
2019-10-08env: Kconfig: Add environment default offset in versalT Karthik Reddy
2019-10-04Revert "env: solve compilation error in SPL"Tom Rini
2019-08-11env: Rename environment.h to env_internal.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Drop the ACTION typedefSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Rename the redundancy flagsSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Drop the ENTRY typedefSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move env_valid to env.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Rename environment to embedded_environmentSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move get/set_default_env() to env.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move set_default_vars to env.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move env_get() to env.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move env_set() to env.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move env_relocate() to env.hSimon Glass
2019-08-11env: Move env_init() to env.hSimon Glass