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2017-08-31net: Use packed structures for networkingDenis Pynkin
2016-11-13net: write enetaddr down to hardware on env_callbackMarek Vasut
2016-11-07net: use random ethernet address if invalid and not zeroSiva Durga Prasad Paladugu
2016-10-13net: write enetaddr down to hardware on env_callbackHannes Schmelzer
2016-09-23treewide: replace #include <asm/errno.h> with <linux/errno.h>Masahiro Yamada
2016-09-16Kconfig: spl: Add SPL support options to KconfigSimon Glass
2016-09-09Revert "net: nfs: Correct the reply data buffer size"Joe Hershberger
2016-09-09Revert "net: nfs: Use the tx buffer to construct rpc msgs"Joe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Simplify rpc_add_credentials()Joe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Use the tx buffer to construct rpc msgsJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Move some prints to debug statementsJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Use consistent names for the rpc_pktJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Correct a commentJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Consolidate handling of NFSv3 attributesJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Fix lines that are too longJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Correct the reply data buffer sizeJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Share the file handle buffer for v2 / v3Joe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: NFS: Add NFSv3 supportGuillaume GARDET
2016-08-22net: nfs: Remove unused defineJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: nfs: Remove separate buffer for default nameJoe Hershberger
2016-08-22net: Stop including NFS overhead in defragment maxJoe Hershberger
2016-07-16Various, unrelated tree-wide typo fixes.Robert P. J. Day
2016-07-06net: Fix incorrect RPC packets on 64-bit systemsRalf Hubert
2016-06-21NFS: Add error message when U-Boot NFS version (V2) is not supported by NFS s...Guillaume GARDET
2016-06-12net: Handle an empty bootp extension sectionAndre Renaud
2016-05-27net: Optionally use pxe client arch from variableAlexander Graf
2016-05-27distro: Add efi pxe boot codeAlexander Graf
2016-05-27net: Move CONFIG_SPL_NET_VCI_STRING into KconfigAlexander Graf
2016-05-27net: Fix client identifiers for ARMAlexander Graf
2016-05-27net: Move the VCI and client arch values to KconfigAlexander Graf
2016-05-27bootp: Move vendor class identifier set to functionAlexander Graf
2016-05-27efi_loader: Add network access supportAlexander Graf
2016-03-27bootp: Prevent u-boot from using others responses.Anton Persson
2016-02-26net: bootp: Add environment variable for timeout periodAlexandre Messier
2016-02-06microblaze: Correct build error in eth-uclass.cSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: Add bootfile in DHCP RequestAlexandre Messier
2016-01-28net: Rename eth.c to eth_lecacy.cSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: Move driver-model code into its own fileSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: Move remaining common functions to eth_common.cSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: Move environment functions to the common fileSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: Move common init into a new eth_common.c fileSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: Don't call board/cpu_eth_init() with driver modelSimon Glass
2016-01-28net: bootp: Ignore packets whose yiaddr is 0Peng Fan
2016-01-08net: remove scary warning about EEPROM provided MAC addressAndre Przywara
2016-01-07net: Fix delay in net_retry testJoe Hershberger
2016-01-07dm: eth: Stick to 'ethact' when 'ethrotate' is 'no' in eth_init()Bin Meng
2016-01-07dm: eth: Test 'ethrotate' before changing current ethernet deviceBin Meng
2015-12-18dm: net: Fix DM for targets which use MANUAL_RELOCMichal Simek
2015-11-19Move console definitions into a new console.h fileSimon Glass
2015-10-29net: eth: Check return value in various placesBin Meng