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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-23test/py: ensure a log section exists for skipped testsStephen Warren
2016-10-14test/py/tests/ Add check for CONFIG_CMD_MISCTom Rini
2016-10-13Merge git:// Rini
2016-10-13libfdt: Bring in upstream stringlist functionsSimon Glass
2016-10-13test: add NFS download testGuillaume GARDET Update expected resultsTom Rini
2016-09-23test/fs: Check writes using "." (same dir) relative pathStefan Brüns
2016-09-23test/fs: Check ext4 behaviour if dirent is first entry in directory blockStefan Brüns
2016-09-23test/fs: strip noise from filesystem code prior to checking resultsStefan Brüns
2016-09-23test/fs: remove use of undefined WRITE_FILE variableStefan Brüns
2016-09-23test/fs: Restructure file path specification to allow some flexibilityStefan Brüns
2016-09-22test/py/tests/ Add check that we boot the imageTom Rini Correct check_md5() test with newlinesTom Rini
2016-08-20test/py: match prompt only at line boundariesStephen Warren
2016-08-20tests: Introduce DT overlay testsMaxime Ripard
2016-08-05test: Adjust run_command_list() to return a list of stringsSimon Glass
2016-08-05test: Add a function to restart U-BootSimon Glass
2016-08-05test: vboot: Put each test variant in its own sectionSimon Glass
2016-08-05test: Rename sha to sha_algo and pass it aroundSimon Glass
2016-08-05test: Drop the cmd() functionSimon Glass
2016-08-05test: Fix typos in commentsSimon Glass
2016-08-05test: Check exit status in run_and_log_expect_exception()Simon Glass
2016-08-05test: Fix typos and tidy upSimon Glass
2016-07-27Add a power domain framework/uclassStephen Warren
2016-07-27dm: Use dm_scan_fdt_dev() directly where possibleSimon Glass
2016-07-27dm: Convert users from dm_scan_fdt_node() to dm_scan_fdt_dev()Simon Glass
2016-07-22test/py: vboot can be run only at SandboxMichal Simek
2016-07-22test/py: use absolute dts path in vboot testStephen Warren
2016-07-16test: Adjust the of-platdata test run conditionSimon Glass
2016-07-15Merge git:// Rini
2016-07-14dm: Add a test for of-platdataSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Start sandbox SPL when enabledSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Provide a way to get early console outputSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Note which console produced unexpected outputSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Handle testing with the sandbox_spl boardSimon Glass
2016-07-14test: Convert the vboot test to test/pySimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Add a helper to run a list of U-Boot commandsSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Provide a way to check that a command failsSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Add an option to execute a string containing a commandSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Return output from run_and_log()Simon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Provide output from exceptions with RunAndLog()Simon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Allow RunAndLog() to return the outputSimon Glass
2016-07-14test/py: Allow tests to control the sandbox device-tree fileSimon Glass
2016-07-14test: Add a simple script to run tests on sandboxSimon Glass
2016-07-14test: Add a READMESimon Glass
2016-07-08test/py: support 'memstart =' in u_boot_utils.find_ram_base()Daniel Schwierzeck
2016-07-08test/py: strip VT100 codes from match bufferStephen Warren
2016-07-08test/py: fix CONFIG_ testsStephen Warren
2016-06-24hush: complete renaming CONFIG_SYS_HUSH_PARSER to CONFIG_HUSH_PARSERMasahiro Yamada
2016-06-19clk: convert API to match reset/mailbox styleStephen Warren