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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-02mkimage: Default to adding a crc32 hash with '-f auto'Simon Glass
2020-06-02tools: fw_env: Fix warning when reading too littleHarald Seiler
2020-05-29patman: Modify functional tests for new behaviorSean Anderson
2020-05-29patman: Support multi-line changes in changelogsSean Anderson
2020-05-29patman: Add new tags for finer-grained changelog controlSean Anderson
2020-05-29patman: Suppress empty changelog entriesSean Anderson
2020-05-29patman: Add an option to create patches without binary contentsBin Meng
2020-05-29patman: Sort the command line optionsBin Meng
2020-05-25tools/env/fw_env.h: remove env.hRomain Naour
2020-05-22tools: value checks in rkcommon_check_params()Heinrich Schuchardt
2020-05-18command: Remove the cmd_tbl_t typedefSimon Glass
2020-05-18common: Drop image.h from common headerSimon Glass
2020-05-15tools: ftdgrep: use /* fallthrough */ as neededHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-05-15tools: mkimage: use /* fallthrough */ as neededHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-05-15rename symbol: CONFIG_KIRKWOOD -> CONFIG_ARCH_KIRKWOODTrevor Woerner
2020-05-07Revert "mkimage: fit: Do not tail-pad fitImage with external data"Tom Rini
2020-05-04mkimage: fit: Do not tail-pad fitImage with external dataMarek Vasut
2020-05-01tools/fit-image: print a warning when cmd-line for dtc might be truncatedSven Roederer
2020-05-01tools/mkimage: fix handling long filenamesSven Roederer
2020-04-28Merge tag 'dm-pull-27apr20' of git:// Rini
2020-04-27tools: fw_env: use erasesize from MEMGETINFO ioctlRasmus Villemoes
2020-04-26patman: Tidy up sys.path changesSimon Glass
2020-04-26patman: Move to absolute importsSimon Glass
2020-04-26binman: Move to absolute importsSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Move to absolute importsSimon Glass
2020-04-26patman: Move test running/reporting to test_utilSimon Glass
2020-04-26patman: Drop the python2 code in test coverageSimon Glass
2020-04-26binman: Rename the main moduleSimon Glass
2020-04-26dtoc: Rename the main moduleSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Rename the main moduleSimon Glass
2020-04-26patman: Drop Python 2 StringIO codeSimon Glass
2020-04-26patman: Drop references to __future__Simon Glass
2020-04-26rmboard: Move to Python 3Simon Glass
2020-04-26patman: Rename the main moduleSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Write output files when using -wSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Use out-env for environment outputSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Make sure that -o is given with -wSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Correct operation of -A flagSimon Glass
2020-04-26buildman: Fix test for new 9.2 kernelSimon Glass
2020-04-26libfdt: split fdt_region declarations out to <fdt_region.h>Masahiro Yamada
2020-04-26fdt_region: move fdt_region.c to common/ from lib/libfdt/Masahiro Yamada
2020-04-26libfdt: migrate fdt_ro.c to a wrapper of scripts/dtc/libfdt/fdt_ro.cMasahiro Yamada
2020-04-24mkimage: fit: Free buf directly in fit_extract_data()Bin Meng
2020-04-24mkimage: fit: Unmmap the memory before closing fd in fit_import_data()Lihua Zhao
2020-04-24tools: Remove the out-of-date MinGW support codesBin Meng
2020-04-24tools: image-host.c: use correct output formatHeinrich Schuchardt
2020-04-24mkimage: fit_image: Add option to make fit header alignKever Yang
2020-04-24tool: use ALIGN() to align the sizeKever Yang
2020-04-24tools: imx8mimage: remove redundant codeKever Yang
2020-04-24tools: kwbimage: use common ALIGN to do the size alignKever Yang