path: root/sound/pci/hda/patch_hdmi.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-24alsa: hda: silence extensive HDMI HDA audio messagesMarcel Ziswiler
2012-04-24hdmi: Set INJECT_NULL_SAMPLE only for stereo streamsSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-03-23ALSA: HDA: Return -ENODEV if hdmi_pcm_open() failsSumit Bhattacharya
2012-03-02ALSA: HDA: Prevent delay in opening hdmi pcmSumit Bhattacharya
2011-12-08ALSA: hda: Support disabling of clocks for TegraSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-30ALSA: hda: Set samplerate to Tegra HDMI driverSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-30ALSA: hda: Add Nvidia Tegra HDMI supportSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-26ALSA: hda - fix ELD memory leakWu Fengguang
2011-06-06ALSA: hda: HDMI: Support codecs with fewer cvts than pinsStephen Warren
2011-06-06ALSA: hda: hdmi_eld_update_pcm_info: update a stream in placeStephen Warren
2011-06-06ALSA: hda: Separate generic and non-generic implementationsStephen Warren
2011-06-06ALSA: hda: Virtualize SPDIF out controlsStephen Warren
2011-06-06ALSA: hda: Allow multple SPDIF controls per codecStephen Warren
2011-06-06ALSA: hda: Gate ELD usage only by whether ELD is validStephen Warren
2011-05-26ALSA: HDA: Increase MAX_HDMI_PINSStephen Warren
2011-05-25ALSA: HDA: Unify HDMI hotplug handling.Stephen Warren
2011-05-20ALSA: hda - add Intel Panther Point HDMI codec idWu Fengguang
2011-05-19ALSA: HDA: Add jack detection for HDMIDavid Henningsson
2011-05-02ALSA: hda - Constify fixup and other array data in patch_hdmi.cTakashi Iwai
2011-04-07ALSA: hda - HDMI: Fix MCP7x audio infoframe checksumsAaron Plattner
2011-03-03Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2011-03-03ALSA: hda - add new Fermi 5xx codec IDs to snd-hdaRichard Samson
2011-02-11ALSA: hda - Avoid cast with union data for HDMI audio infoframeTakashi Iwai
2011-02-08ALSA: hda - Fix missing CA initialization for HDMI/DPTakashi Iwai
2011-01-14ALSA: hda - More coverage for odd-number channels elimination for HDMITakashi Iwai
2011-01-14ALSA: hda - Store PCM parameters properly in HDMI open callbackTakashi Iwai
2011-01-14ALSA: hda - Suppress the odd number of channels for HDMITakashi Iwai
2011-01-12ALSA: hda: Disable 4/6 channels on some NVIDIA GPUs.Nitin Daga
2011-01-12ALSA: hda - Add static_hdmi_pcm option to HDMI codec parserTakashi Iwai
2011-01-12ALSA: hda - Don't refer ELD when unpluggedTakashi Iwai
2010-12-08ALSA: HDA: Remove unconnected PCM devices for Intel HDMIDavid Henningsson
2010-12-08Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-12-07ALSA: hda - Do not wrongly restrict min_channels based on ELDAnssi Hannula
2010-12-05ALSA: hda - use generic hdmi parser for ATI R6xx codecAnssi Hannula
2010-09-21ALSA: hdmi - fix surround41 channel mappingJerry Zhou
2010-09-21ALSA: hdmi - support infoframe for DisplayPortWu Fengguang
2010-09-20ALSA: hda - Merge all HDMI modules into the unified moduleTakashi Iwai
2010-08-20ALSA: hda - Fix conflict of sticky PCM parameter in HDMI codecsTakashi Iwai
2010-08-13ALSA: hda - Restrict PCM parameters per ELD information over HDMITakashi Iwai
2010-08-03ALSA: hda - Define AC_FMT_* constantsTakashi Iwai
2010-08-03ALSA: hda - Add support for HDMI HBR passthroughAnssi Hannula
2010-07-28ALSA: hda - Fix pin-detection of Nvidia HDMITakashi Iwai
2010-05-17ALSA: hdmi - dont fail on extra nodesWu Fengguang
2010-03-08ALSA: hdmi - show debug message on changing audio infoframeWu Fengguang
2010-03-08ALSA: hdmi - merge common code for intelhdmi and nvhdmiWu Fengguang