AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-06backports: Add skcipher_request_zero()v4.19.7-1linux-4.19.yHauke Mehrtens
2018-12-06backports: Add missing includes for mt76 driver.Hauke Mehrtens
2018-12-06backports: Do not activate R8188EU on kernels without SKCIPHERHauke Mehrtens
2018-12-06backports: Refresh patches on kernel 4.19.6Hauke Mehrtens
2018-12-06backports: Remove BPAUTO_CRYPTO_SKCIPHERHauke Mehrtens
2018-12-03backports: Revert "dependencies: Make WIL6210 depend on kernel >= 4.8"Hauke Mehrtens
2018-12-03backports: Fix pci_alloc_irq_vectors() backportHauke Mehrtens
2018-11-07backports: wrap pci_alloc_irq_vectors() in PCI definesWinnie Chang
2018-11-05add support for pci_alloc_irq_vectorsOmer Dagan
2018-11-05backports: check if genl pre_doit and post_doit are setLuca Coelho
2018-10-17backports: copy entire licensingJohannes Berg
2018-10-12backports: support xz compression in uninstallJohannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: genetlink: update completelyJohannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: add __skb_peek()Johannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: backport most of improved netlink policy validationJohannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: add copy-list.hwsimJohannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: fix genlmsg_nlhdr() backportJohannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: rename magic functions for netlink parsingJohannes Berg
2018-10-02Revert "backports: crypto_memneq has been backported to 3.12 and 3.10"Johannes Berg
2018-10-02backports: add missing include in 3.13 compat codeJohannes Berg
2018-10-02backport: check Ubuntu kernel for u64_stats_update_begin_irqsave()Luca Coelho
2018-09-26compat: remove bluetooth from skcipherJohannes Berg
2018-09-25backports: fix mt76 dependenciesv4.19-rc5-1Johannes Berg
2018-09-25backports: add pm_runtime_force_suspend/pm_runtime_force_resumeJohannes Berg
2018-09-25backports: fix iwlwifi pci device removal patchLuca Coelho
2018-09-25backports: Add 3. parameter to of_dma_configure()Hauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24Revert "backports: Remove ssb and bcma"Johannes Berg
2018-09-24backports: add kmemleak.hJohannes Berg
2018-09-24backport: add ktime_get_raw_ts64() backport for < 3.19Luca Coelho
2018-09-24patches: make coredump support conditional on 4.17Johannes Berg
2018-09-24patches: fix "disable" typo in patch filenameJohannes Berg
2018-09-24patches: Do not remove linux/kmemleak.h includeHauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24backports: Make netdev destructor spatch apply correctly againHauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24patches: remove .coredump from struct driver for kernel < 4.16Hauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24patches: make mt76 use skb_pad() instead of __skb_pad()Hauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24dependencies: make hostap and atmel depend on kernel >= 4.18Hauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24dependencies: Make WIL6210 depend on kernel >= 4.8Hauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24dependencies: Make RSI_COEX coexistence depend on kernel >= 4.17Hauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24copy: Add crc32poly.hHauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24backports: Remove NFC supportHauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24backports: Remove ssb and bcmaHauke Mehrtens
2018-09-24backports: add __alloc_bucket_spinlocks() for < 4.19Luca Coelho
2018-09-24backport: convert int led activate op to void when neededLuca Coelho
2018-09-24backports: improve skb->xmit_more handlingJohannes Berg
2018-09-24backport: update u64_stats_init() to a new version in kernels < 4.2Luca Coelho
2018-09-24backport: make ktime_get_boottime_seconds() non-inlineLuca Coelho
2018-09-24backport: prevent unused subclass variable warning in < 3.18Luca Coelho
2018-09-24backport: remove duplicate leds.h inclusion from backport-4.5.cLuca Coelho
2018-09-24backport: add rhashtable-types.hLuca Coelho
2018-09-24backport: convert tree section names to asciiLuca Coelho