BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linux-3.10.ybackports: update test kernelsHauke Mehrtens9 years
linux-3.11.ybackports: update test kernelsHauke Mehrtens9 years
linux-3.12.ygentree: create *.tar.gz instead of * for kernel.orgHauke Mehrtens9 years
linux-3.13.ybackports: refresh on v3.13.2Hauke Mehrtens9 years
linux-3.14.ybackports: refresh on v3.14.22Hauke Mehrtens8 years
linux-3.15.ybackports: refresh patches on v3.15.9Hauke Mehrtens8 years
linux-3.16.ybackports: fix build with Ubuntu mainline kernelsHauke Mehrtens8 years
linux-3.17.ybackports: refresh on v3.17.1Hauke Mehrtens8 years
linux-3.18.ypatches: refresh patches on top of v3.18.1Hauke Mehrtens8 years
linux-3.19.ypatches: refresh on v3.19-rc1Hauke Mehrtens8 years
linux-4.0.ypatches: refresh patches on v4.0.0Hauke Mehrtens7 years
linux-4.1.ypatches: refresh on v4.1.1Hauke Mehrtens7 years
linux-4.19.ybackports: Add skcipher_request_zero()Hauke Mehrtens4 years
linux-4.2.ypatches: refresh on v4.2.6Hauke Mehrtens7 years
linux-4.3.ypatches: refresh on v4.3Hauke Mehrtens7 years
linux-4.4.ypatches: refresh on v4.4.2Hauke Mehrtens6 years
linux-5.4.ypatches: Refresh on top of kernel 5.4.27Hauke Mehrtens2 years
masterMerge branch 'master' into 'master'Marcel Ziswiler3 years
pendingckmake: use white instead of blueJohannes Berg5 years