AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-11Add support for GPIO buttons and LEDS2.6.31-digi-201008111848Justin Waters
2010-07-01kbuild: drop include2/ used for O=... buildsSam Ravnborg
2010-06-30ENGR00123558 v4l2 output: add own workqueue for v4l outputJason Chen
2010-06-30ENGR00120671 H264Dec: Video dithering is serious on the interlaced streamsRan Ferderber
2010-06-30ENGR00122852-6 MX5: pass mem and irq via resourcesLily Zhang
2010-06-30ENGR00122852-5 MX37: pass mem and irq via resourcesLily Zhang
2010-06-30ENGR00122852-4 MX35: pass mem and irq via resourcesLily Zhang
2010-06-30ENGR00122852-3 MX31: pass mem and irq via resourcesLily Zhang
2010-06-30ENGR00122852-2 MX25: pass mem and irq via resourcesLily Zhang
2010-06-30ENGR00122852-1 UART: get mem and irq from platform resourcesLily Zhang
2010-06-30ccwmx51: Fix compiler warning.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-30ENGR00123325-1 Increase DMA zone to 96M on mx5xSammy He
2010-06-29ccwmx51: Make it possible to disable SD and SMSC wake up sources.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-29ccwmx51: Allow for the GPIO and RTC wake up interrupts to be disabled.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-29ccwmx51: Correctly reset the SMSC ethernet device.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-28ENGR00122832-2 MX28: Support for IEEE 1588 interface functionalityXiexiaobo
2010-06-28netdev/fec.c: add phylib supporting to enable carrier detectionBryan Wu
2010-06-26ccwmx51: reset external module peripheralsPedro Perez de Heredia
2010-06-24ccwmx51: Configure user LEDs as GPIOs by defaultAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-23ccwmx51: Do not unconditionally set the PMIC as a suspend wake up sourceAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-23ccwmx51: Remove old SMSC911X driver.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-23ccwmx51js: Implement MMC/SD as suspend wake up sourceAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-23ccwmx51js: Add WOL support to SMSC911xAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-23ccwmx51: Replace SMSC9118 driver for newest mainline versionAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-23GPIO: Make suspend to RAM with GPIO wake up source workAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-06-22spi: spidev_test gives error upon 1-byte transferHector Palacios
2010-06-01ccwmx51: Touchscreen through PMIC issuesAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-31ccwmx51: Name serial portsAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-31ccwmx51: Do not support USB host and device mode configurationAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-31ccwmx51: Don't initialize USB host 1 if not configured.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-31ccwmx51: Fix compiler warnings.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-28ccwmx51: USB device and host support.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-28ccwmx51: Fix compilation warning on USB OTG.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-27ccwmx51: FEC driverAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-27ccwmx51: Move SMSC911x to platform specific device fileAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-27ENGR00122465: Applying from 1004 release in FSL compass site.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-27ENGR00122966 ipuv3 fb: set correct stride for nonstand fmtJason Chen
2010-05-26ccwmx51: Split machine specific data from platform device code.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-26ccwmx51js: Extend th memory map to include the NAND flash base address.Alejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-26ccwmx51: Fix crash when LCD panel is not included in command lineAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-26ccwmx51: Compare with FSL official L2.6.31_10.04.01 source treeAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-26ccwmx51: Fix compilation issues after applying Freescale patchesAlejandro Gonzalez
2010-05-25ENGR00122962 ipu: don't set axi id to 1 on mx53Rob Herring
2010-05-25ENGR00122920: Fix failure to boot from MMC slot 0 on MX51.Ranjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2010-05-25ENGR00122879 ath6kl: set default ifname to wlan%dRichard Zhao
2010-05-25ENGR00122846-2 MX53: Restore the default GPU memory as 128MLily Zhang
2010-05-25ENGR00122846-1 MX5: Split user and kernel space as 2G_2GLily Zhang
2010-05-25ENGR00122789: Fixed long-term video playback issue.Ranjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2010-05-25ENGR00122691-2 imx5: Build ath6kl driver by defaultRichard Zhao
2010-05-25ENGR00122691-1 Add atheros driver ath6klNathan Cheng