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2014-02-25Fixed a panic seen as soon as you type a character on the terminal when EDMA ...3.0-pcm052-ts2.9Roshni Shah
2014-02-25Disabled EDMA in UART Configuration to prevent jumbled characters on serial p...Roshni Shah
2014-02-25Fixed the uart_tasklet_action NULL pointer deference panic in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2014-02-25Support for setting TX clear-to-send in set modem CTRL in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2014-02-25MVF Serial Driver Improvements to fix the sysvinit console hang issue.roshni.shah
2014-02-25Removed dead code, corrected comments, print uart settings in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2014-01-23Add missing header for __exception_irq_entry in global timer3.0-pcm052-ts2.8Anthony Felice
2014-01-23Add missing Global Timer source file.Anthony Felice
2014-01-23Add Global Timer support to fix High Resolution Timer functionality.Anthony Felice
2013-11-21Fix typo in DSPI2 and DSPI3 base address3.0-pcm052-ts2.7Anthony Felice
2013-10-09Add mvf_sema4.h to header install list and allow to be included outside of th...3.0-pcm052-ts2.6Anthony Felice
2013-10-09add a test call to determine state of semaphore without requesting itEd Nash
2013-10-09add support for spin locksEd Nash
2013-10-09add latency stats and make debugfs writeableEd Nash
2013-10-09fix debugfs worng directory for gate. cleanup debug comment / code in i2c-imxEd Nash
2013-10-09fix gate number constantEd Nash
2013-10-09add debugfs statistics and some code cleanupEd Nash
2013-08-28pcm052: qspi0: move NOR mtdparts to u-boot and match .name to hardware busRussell Robinson Jr
2013-08-28pcm052: add pwm backlight support; enable uart2Russell Robinson Jr
2013-08-28pcm052: enable watchdogRussell Robinson Jr
2013-08-28pcm052: qspi: add QSPI0_A and QSPI0_B NOR supportRussell Robinson Jr
2013-08-28pcm052: fec1: support added for ETH1Serah Peterson
2013-08-28pcm052: dcu: fix LCD clock frequency issuesRussell Robinson Jr
2013-08-28pcm052: set the LCD_ENABLE pin in the board file instead of hard-coded #defineRussell Robinson Jr
2013-08-28mvf: dcu: move DCU_LCD_ENABLE_PIN into the platform_data structRussell Robinson Jr
2013-07-11Revert "ENGR00212256-1: GPU: Add platform support for GPU"Anthony Felice
2013-07-11Revert "Add BPP ARGB8888 support for DCU driver"Anthony Felice
2013-06-21Add BPP ARGB8888 support for DCU driver3.0-pcm052-ts2.5Alison Wang
2013-06-21ENGR00212256-1: GPU: Add platform support for GPUJason Jin
2013-05-10Don't reassign pads PTB6 and PTB7. They are used for uart-2 which is the defa...3.0-pcm052-ts2.4Ed Nash
2013-05-10Update hw_breakpoint implementation in order to support CONFIG_PERF_EVENTSAnthony Felice
2013-04-26Add KGDB support3.0-pcm052-ts2.3Anthony Felice
2013-04-26Fix SDHC card timeout error.3.0-pcm052-ts2.2Anthony Felice
2013-03-29Merge branch '3.0-pcm052' of ssh:// into 3.0-pcm0523.0-pcm052-ts2.1Justin Waters
2013-03-29fix scheduler not seeing time pass, would not interrupt cpu bound processRoshni Shah
2013-03-28pcm052: updating pcm052_defconfigRussell Robinson Jr
2013-03-14Initial changes to support mcc and i2c semaphore for ping pong demoPD13.0.2Russell Robinson Jr
2013-03-14pcm052: audio: audio playback and record support addedRussell Robinson Jr
2013-02-25Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/3.0-pcm052' into 3.0-pcm0523.0-pcm052-ts2Adam Lussier
2013-02-11pcm052: usb: enable both USB0 and USB1 as ehci-hostRussell Robinson Jr
2013-02-11mvf: usb: create modular defines for ehci and some hardware address changes.Russell Robinson Jr
2013-02-11pcm052: usb: fix VBUS enable mux settings and assert GPIO to enable VBUSRussell Robinson Jr
2013-02-11pcm052: sdhc: fix drive strength and use only hardware pull-upsRussell Robinson Jr
2013-01-25pcm052: enable EEPROM driver in config, fix TSC IRQsRussell Robinson Jr
2013-01-25Initial phyCORE-Vybrid changesRussell Robinson Jr
2012-12-19pcm052: enable EEPROM driver in config, fix TSC IRQsPD13.0.0alpha3.0-pcm052-ts1Russell Robinson Jr
2012-12-19Initial phyCORE-Vybrid changesRussell Robinson Jr
2012-12-12fsl_nfc: Add default partitioningJustin Waters
2012-12-12Default configuration update for CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12Vybrid CAAM driverJason Jin