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2013-07-26Support for setting TX clear-to-send in set modem CTRL in MVF Serial Driver3.0.15_vybrid-ts-2.63.0-vybrid-ts2.6roshni.shah
2013-07-26Fixed the uart_tasklet_action NULL pointer deference panic in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2013-07-26MVF Serial Driver Improvements to fix the sysvinit console hang issue.roshni.shah
2013-07-26Removed dead code, corrected comments, print uart settings in MVF Serial Driverroshni.shah
2013-07-26ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fixNicolas Pitre
2013-07-26ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimiza...Ivan Djelic
2013-07-25oprofile, arm/sh: Fix oprofile_arch_exit() linkage issueVladimir Zapolskiy
2013-07-25twr-vf700: setup memory if mem= is not passed to kernelAndy Voltz
2013-07-02Fix for 51540: clock() function returns too large values3.0-vybrid-ts2.5Makarand Kulkarni
2013-05-10Don't reassign pads PTB6 and PTB7. They are used for uart-2 which is the defa...3.0-vybrid-ts2.4Ed Nash
2013-05-06Update hw_breakpoint implementation in order to support CONFIG_PERF_EVENTSAnthony Felice
2013-04-26Fix SDHC card timeout error.3.0-vybrid-ts2.3Anthony Felice
2013-04-26Add initial KGDB support.3.0-vybrid-ts2.2Anthony Felice
2013-04-26use dma bufeers rather than kmalloc buffers to make sure coherent ram between...Ed Nash
2013-04-23limit Linux use of SRAM so as not to conflict with MQX. Similarly, leave M4 r...3.0-vybrid-ts33.0-vybrid-ts2.1Ed Nash
2013-03-14Fix serial bug when recieving a file3.0-vybrid-ts2Andy Voltz
2013-03-10fix scheduler not seeing time pass, would not interrupt cpu bound processRoshni Shah
2013-02-17extend timout for sema4 grab3.0-vybrid-ts1Ed Nash
2013-02-17add semaphore protection with MQX of I2C busEd Nash
2012-12-12fsl_nfc: Add default partitioningJustin Waters
2012-12-12Default configuration update for CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12Vybrid CAAM driverJason Jin
2012-12-12mvf: update default kernel config for FaradayAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00181365-2: ADC: Add driver support for ADC VybridWang Xiaojun
2012-12-12ENGR00181365-1: ADC: Add platform support for ADC driverWang Xiaojun
2012-12-12ENGR00216081-2:Errata workaround for usb suspend and resumeJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216081-1:Add USB host and gadget PM supportJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216087-2:Add Vybrid ASRC platform deviceJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216087-1: ASRC support for VybridJingchang Lu
2012-12-12ENGR00216076-3: DSPI: Update DSPI driver for PMAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00216076-2: DCU: Update DCU driver for PM and blending issueAlison Wang
2012-12-12ENGR00216076-1: PM: Add Power Management driver for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00216078-2: switch: add L2 switch driver for Vybrid3.0-mvf-201210121659Jason Jin
2012-10-17ENGR00216078-1: switch: add platform support for L2 switchJason Jin
2012-10-17ENGR00181358-3: fec: add second FEC support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00212250-2: watchdog: Add watchdog driver support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00212250-1: watchdog: Add platform support for watchdog driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181395-1: Add UART MISC functions support for FaradayJingchang Lu
2012-10-17ENGR00181390-2: qspi: Add Quad SPI driver support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181390-1: qspi: Add platform support for Quad SPI driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181407-3: Add Compaq touch screen interface for nano-xAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181407-2: ts: add touch screen driver support for VybirdAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00181407-1: ts: add platform support for touch screen driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180953-2: dspi: update dspi driver support for VybridAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180953-1: dspi: update platform support for dspi driverAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180956-3: Add PWM LED device support on MVF600Jingchang Lu
2012-10-17ENGR00180956-2: Add FlexTimer PWM support on FaradayAlison Wang
2012-10-17ENGR00180956-1: Add FlexTimer PWM device clock for FaradayJingchang Lu
2012-09-12ENGR00220352: Fix reboot hung after set uart baudrate3.0-mvf-201208141602Jingchang Lu
2012-09-12Enable the FEC as modulesJason Jin