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2012-02-22ENGR00175085 MX53 SMD:PWM frequency change to workaround bl issueimx-android-r10.4Liu Ying
2012-02-07ENGR00162193 amd gpu: fixed random gsl_kmod failureRichard Liu
2012-02-02ENGR00172380 LDB:Set LDB DI pclk rate according to video modeLiu Ying
2012-01-04ENGR00171269 fix gingerbread camera cts fail.Richard Liu
2012-01-04ENGR00171229 vpu: Fix vpu suspend/resume issue on androidSammy He
2011-12-31ENGR00171060 Wifi:Not statble for atheros hw2.1.1B38613
2011-12-30ENGR00171057 MXC IPUv3 fb:Disable (un)blank after system suspendsLiu Ying
2011-12-27ENGR00170756 MXC v4l2 output:Support user bufferLiu Ying
2011-12-20ENGR00170633-2 mx53 smd: Adjust the gadget function init sequenceXinyu Chen
2011-12-20ENGR00170633-1 usb composite: Fix the interface count in DT CONFIGXinyu Chen
2011-12-15ENGR00170042 ums: max lun number is not reported to PC.Xinyu Chen
2011-12-15ENGR00170344 vpu: Reserve bitwork memory at vpu probe for androidSammy He
2011-12-14ENGR00170072 MX53smd PWM: fix white screen phenomenon after software power offLin Fuzhen
2011-12-12ENGR00170056 mx51 bbg: add fb, pmem memory reservationXinyu Chen
2011-12-09ENGR00169891 v4l2 capture: avoid streamon with only one buffer queuedXinyu Chen
2011-12-09ENGR00169880 v4l2 capture: reserve dummy framebuffer for 8M on probeXinyu Chen
2011-12-08ENGR00162464 update pm4 microcode: pm4_microcode_r18_20111020.a.inl.relRichard Zhao
2011-12-08ENGR00162493-2 isl29023: register the isl29023 as earlysuspend deviceLin Fuzhen
2011-12-08ENGR00162493-1 mag3110: register the mag3110 as earlysuspend deviceLin Fuzhen
2011-12-05ENGR00163704 Android: stop sensor polling when shutdownZhang Jiejing
2011-11-23ENGR00162593-2 MX53 RTC: fix alarm can't wake up systemLin Fuzhen
2011-11-23ENGR00162593-1 MX53 RTC: fix alarm can't wake up systemLin Fuzhen
2011-11-22ENGR00152308 Switching cameracorder and camera too slow and preview is green.Liu Xiaowen
2011-11-18ENGR00162588: Disable PMIC tick-alarmLin Fuzhen
2011-11-16ENGR00162191 tzic: move print info to suspend functionZhang Jiejing
2011-11-15ENGR00162195 IPUv3M:Clear IDMAC_LOCK_EN_1 for tough single displayLiu Ying
2011-11-09ENGR00153941 input: egalax_ts - not dump the i2c package in debug level.Zhang Jiejing
2011-11-09ENGR00161033 mx5x: add a info when tzic fail to set.Zhang Jiejing
2011-11-07ENGR00161333 RTC: Cannot save the date/time if power offLin Fuzhen
2011-11-03ENGR00161306 usb accessory: can not set the correct device vendor infoXinyu Chen
2011-11-02ENGR00161215-2 vpu: Add ioctls for querying and setting bitwork memorySammy He
2011-11-02ENGR00161215-1 arch/arm: Add two new IOCTLs in mxc_vpu.hSammy He
2011-11-02ENGR00161209 dvfs: disable dvfs before start suspendZhang Jiejing
2011-11-02ENGR00161210 mmc: mx_sdhci: fix sdhci clock will be reset during resume.Zhang Jiejing
2011-11-02mmc: Fix pm_notifier obeying deferred resume (part 2)Dmitry Shmidt
2011-11-02mmc: Fix pm_notifier obeying deferred resumeDmitry Shmidt
2011-11-02mmc: make pm_notifier obey deferred resumeDima Zavin
2011-11-02mmc: fix all hangs related to mmc/sd card insert/removal during suspend/resumeMaxim Levitsky
2011-11-02drivers: mmc: Fix minimal frequency assignmentDmitry Shmidt
2011-11-02mmc: core: Add deferred bus resume policy.San Mehat
2011-11-02ENGR00000001 Revert "mmc: core: Add deferred bus resume policy for android."Zhang Jiejing
2011-11-02ENGR00161211-2 mx5: Remove the DMA zone instead of Normal zoneXinyu Chen
2011-11-02ENGR00161211-1 lowmem killer: Remove the DMA zone size checkXinyu Chen
2011-11-01ENGR00161134 mx53 smd: change the adsp pmem cache to WTXinyu Chen
2011-10-31ENGR00159773-2 mx53smd: Remove normal zone, make pmem size configurableXinyu Chen
2011-10-28ENGR00159773-1 v4l2 capture: reserve the dummy frame bufferXinyu Chen
2011-10-28ENGR00153830-2 vpu: Add VPU_IOC_REQ_VSHARE_MEM ioctl for shared memorySammy He
2011-10-28ENGR00153830-1 vpu: Add new VPU_IOC_REQ_VSHARE_MEM ioctl in mxc_vpu.hSammy He
2011-10-26ENGR00160804 mx53 smd: fix panic issue on uboot set DDR as 512MXinyu Chen
2011-10-26ENGR00160566 IPUv3:Improve IDMAC_LOCK_EN settingLiu Ying