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2011-01-27ENGR00138121 Fix system hangs when arecord/aplay continuouslyrel_imx_2.6.35_11.01.00Zeng Zhaoming
2011-01-27ENGR00138165 - EPDC fb: Updates not protected against changes to FB dataDanny Nold
2011-01-27ENGR00138535 USB: Discharge VBUS after set VBUS lower or unplug from HOSTZhang Yan
2011-01-27ENGR00138547: mxc_iim: can't release twice in mxc_iimTerry Lv
2011-01-27ENGR00138532: mxc_iim: let mxc_iim work with dd and echoTerry Lv
2011-01-27ENGR00138540 mx51: set low bus flag after entering low bus modeLily Zhang
2011-01-26ENGR00138528 MX53 loco&smd:preset suspend voltage in the latest stageZhou Jingyu
2011-01-25ENGR00138516: MX5X: Initialize CPU working point correctly for DVFS-CORERanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-01-25ENGR00138333 MX5x In security drivers use IS_ERR to check for clk pointer errorAnish Trivedi
2011-01-26ENGR00138480: mxc_iim can't be open twiceTerry Lv
2011-01-25ENGR00138479 Restructure MX53 bus frequecy driverZhou Jingyu
2011-01-25ENGR00138477 USB: perfect usb debug fileZhang Yan
2011-01-25ENGR00119661 MXC IPUv3 FB:Fix arbitary bpp issueLiu Ying
2011-01-24ENGR00138425 MX53 LOCO/SMD: Only preset voltage for suspend to mem modeZhou Jingyu
2011-01-23ENGR00138065 linux: System hang when running tiger and then moving usb mouseDennis Wenzel
2011-01-24ENGR00138371 usb-otg: some variables should be updated at otg irqPeter Chen
2011-01-21ENGR00137224 L2Switch: Fix L2Switch port learn not take effect issue.Fan Zhicheng
2011-01-21ENGR00138217 mx53: use arm_podf to switch cpu frequencyLily Zhang
2011-01-21ENGR00138201 MX53_SMD: BT: add delay after BT chip resetZhang Jiejing
2011-01-21ENGR00138270-3 ipuv3 fb: refine pan display methodJason Chen
2011-01-21ENGR00138270-2 ipuv3: change ipu_check_buffer_busy to ipu_check_buffer_readyJason Chen
2011-01-21ENGR00138270-1 header file: change ipu_check_buffer_busy func name.Jason Chen
2011-01-21ENGR00138268 hdmi: change device create methodJason Chen
2011-01-20ENGR00138222 MX5x SAHARA Do not call clk_disable in IRQ contextAnish Trivedi
2011-01-20ENGR00138141 GPU: add a wait loop to check timestamp for yamatoRichard Zhao
2011-01-19ENGR00138211 mx5: don't allow to enter low bus if only have 1 WPLily Zhang
2011-01-19ENGR00138213-2 Add da9053 power key to mx53 smd &locoZhou Jingyu
2011-01-19ENGR00138213-1 Add da9053 power key to mx53 smd &locoZhou Jingyu
2011-01-19ENGR00138130-2 MX53_ARD: add max11801 touch device.Zhang Jiejing
2011-01-19ENGR00138130-1 input: Maxi max11801 resistance touchscreen controllerZhang Jiejing
2011-01-19ENGR00138138 Add workaround to fix irq wakeup for mx53 smd &locoZhou Jingyu
2011-01-18ENGR00138119 MXC V4L2 capture:Check slave device attachedLiu Ying
2011-01-18ENGR00138115-2 MX53 SMD:Add TVDAC regulator for TVE pdataLiu Ying
2011-01-18ENGR00138115-1 TVE:Correct TVDAC regulator voltage valueLiu Ying
2011-01-18ENGR00137979-3 add performance monitor driverTony Lin
2011-01-18ENGR00137979-2 [MX50]add performance monitor driverTony Lin
2011-01-18ENGR00137979-1 [MX28]add performance monitor driverTony Lin
2011-01-17ENGR00138050 mx53 smd: enable WiFi power during system boot upAisheng.Dong
2011-01-17ENGR00138071-2 input: mpr121: change input type from EV_MSC to EV_KEYZhang Jiejing
2011-01-17ENGR00138071-1 MX53_SMD: mpr121: adjust key order per hardware design.Zhang Jiejing
2011-01-17ENGR00137992 MX53 LOCO:Add Seiko WVGA LCD panel supportLiu Ying
2011-01-17ENGR00138060 MX53 SMD:Change to use OV3640 defaultlyLiu Ying
2011-01-17ENGR00137991-2 mxc edid: add cea ext block parserJason Chen
2011-01-17ENGR00137991-1 MSL mxc edid: add cea ext block parserJason Chen
2011-01-17ENGR00138037 mx53: use round_rate to set asrc serial clkLily Zhang
2011-01-17ENGR00136874-2 mx5x: update the power key platform dataXinyu Chen
2011-01-17ENGR00136874-1 pwrkey: enhance the driver to support key press statusXinyu Chen
2011-01-17ENGR00137873 ipuv3 fb: can not set correct bpp for tve through cmdlineJason Chen
2011-01-16ENGR00137958-2 Add mx53 smd&loco suspend via i2c commandZhou Jingyu
2011-01-16ENGR00137958-1 Add da9053 driver for suspend via i2c commandZhou Jingyu