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2012-04-30ENGR00181201 mx6x HDMI audio add IEC head optimization with C coderel_imx_3.0.15_12.04.013.0-imx6-201204281855Sandor Yu
2012-04-30ENGR00180103-3 V4L2: HDMI display error when dual display with LVDS panelWayne Zou
2012-04-30ENGR00180103-2 V4L2: remove GFP_DMA flag when alloc dma memoryWayne Zou
2012-04-30ENGR00180103-1 V4L2: use copy_from/to_user() for user space pointerWayne Zou
2012-04-28ENGR00181191 MX6: set ipu2_clk parent from pll2_pfd_400MWayne Zou
2012-04-28ENGR00181188 Added miss file hdmi_cpm.S for patch ENGR00181130Sandor Yu
2012-04-28ENGR00181130 Optimizate HDMI audio mmap to fix HDMI audio alsa underrunSandor Yu
2012-04-28ENGR00181107 add dma_alloc_writethrough functionSandor Yu
2012-04-27ENGR00180424: Changed iomux ID pinGuillermo
2012-04-27ENGR00180076: prompt "mmc0: error -110 during resume" with atheros wifi cardjustin.jiang
2012-04-27ENGR00175084 IPU-FB: change dma memory alloc gfp flags to GFP_KERNELWayne Zou
2012-04-26ENGR00180236-2: spdif clk usecount is 1 when not in useAdrian Alonso
2012-04-26ENGR00180236: mxc_spdif add spdif_clk error checkAdrian Alonso
2012-04-26ENGR00180882- MX6DL Add bus frequency scaling support.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2012-04-26ENGR00180185: MX6-Add support for low power audio playbackRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-04-24ENGR00180297 WM8962: stereo record on AMICGary Zhang
2012-04-20ENGR00180412 MX6 SATA: Enable PHY in the SATA initilizationRichard Zhu
2012-04-20ENGR00180229-2 VDOA: disable vdoa clock when no usedWayne Zou
2012-04-20ENGR00180229-1 V4L2: Fix a bug when doing tiled format deinterlacedWayne Zou
2012-04-20ENGR00172292 usb otg: enable dtds postpone free on mx6Xinyu Chen
2012-04-19ENGR00180230 MX6 PCIE: enlarge the eye diagram and force to GEN1Richard Zhu
2012-04-19ENGR00180096 change NAND clock source to pll2_pfd_400MAllen Xu
2012-04-17ENGR00179800 V4L2: Add VDOA tiled format post-processing supportWayne Zou
2012-04-17ENGR00179725 WM8962: remove 64KHz sample rate supportGary Zhang
2012-04-17ENGR00179804 change NAND clock source from pll2_pfd_352M to pll2_pfd_400MAllen Xu
2012-04-17ENGR00179685 MX6 clock:Cleanup LDB DI parent clockLiu Ying
2012-04-16ENGR00179747: MX6DL-Fix boot failureRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-04-16ENGR00179696 MX6Q/UART : fix the wrong DMA tranfer direction.Huang Shijie
2012-04-16ENGR00179679 Fix usb gadget suspend issue connected to usb chargerTony LIU
2012-04-16IMX/DMA : set the DMA direction in the sdma_control()Huang Shijie
2012-04-16ENGR00179647 MX6 clock:Correct LDB DI pclk for MX6Q TO1.1Liu Ying
2012-04-13ENGR00179575 only set color depth if TV supports deep colorAlan Tull
2012-04-13ENGR00179601 Synopsys approved hdmi fifo workaround - rev 3Alan Tull
2012-04-13ENGR00179574: MX6- Add bus frequency scaling supportRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-04-13ENGR00179582 MX6: Bypass PLL1 during WAITRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-04-13ENGR00179513-3 V4L2: Add VDOA tiled format supportWayne Zou
2012-04-13ENGR00179513-2 IPU: Add TILED_NV12_FRAME_SIZE macro for consistencyWayne Zou
2012-04-13ENGR00179513-1 VDOA: update software state before start vdoaWayne Zou
2012-04-13ENGR00179631 MX6 SabreSD: Add MIPI DSI Display supportWayne Zou
2012-04-13ENGR00179628-2 MX6: add ssi info in sdmaGary Zhang
2012-04-13ENGR00179628-1 SSI: enable dual-fifo feature as defaultGary Zhang
2012-04-13ENGR00179621 MX6 PCIE: bring up PCIE on i.MX6 SD boardRichard Zhu
2012-04-13ENGR00179498-2 SDMA: fix p2p sdma script errorChen Liangjun
2012-04-13ENGR00179498-1 SDMA: fix p2p sdma script errorChen Liangjun
2012-04-13ENGR00179485 fix CTS hang up issueRichard Liu
2012-04-12ENGR00179510 ipu capture: fix system hang when running captureYuxi Sun
2012-04-12ENGR00179284-4 support ONFI NAND device on mx6q_arm2_pop boardAllen Xu
2012-04-12ENGR00179284-3 support ONFI NAND device on mx6q_arm2_pop boardAllen Xu
2012-04-12ENGR00179284-2 support ONFI NAND device on mx6q_arm2_pop boardAllen Xu
2012-04-12ENGR00179284-1 support ONFI NAND device on mx6q_arm2_pop boardAllen Xu